Michael Redd is a Great Christian NBA Player!

Michael Redd is a great Christian NBA Player! He is a believer and he has used his gift for the benefit of the Body of Christ on many occasions. He married the daughter of one of my favorite preachers, Bishop Brian Keith Williams, and he defies any stereotypes that one may have of a professional athlete! Enjoy his great website below! He is a bonafide NBA Star that donates to many Christian causes!


2 Responses

  1. Hi, My name is Rob “The Robman” Kinnard and I felt led to contact you. I am the Founder and President of an organization called the International Sports Evangelists. We use Sports, mainly Basketball to share Christ in the U.S. and in the Countires of Ukraine and Lebanon. I am interested in seeing if there are any player availability to perhaps travel with us to share the Gospel or could I be a help in any of your ministries. I also am interested in Chaplain work as well. Perhaps for an NBA team? I have always dreamed big and have been a huge NBA fan for many many years. Let me know if God leads.

  2. i am looking to get in contact with Christian NBA players and see how you celebrate during the NBA all-star weekend – let me know – 774 253 1131

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