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  1. Is it that these two people are no longer together?
    Have they divorced each other? please, I need someone to respond to my request.

  2. I don’t what has happened to these two people. or where they are going from here. I’m not sure they know. I know who does’t know all about this. And He is the only that can fix the mess we all make.

    I read that she filed for a divorce today. Therefore, it is just a matter of time.

    Let’s always remember to pray for the Weeks.

  3. Domestic violence is real in the church leadership!!!! But there is this silence about it for the sake of protecting names,positions and faces.

    I am proud of Juanita for it takes a lot of courage to come out in the open. She is risking loosing her ministry because most church folk would rather it happens between the church walls.

    Am a Daughter of an abusive Evangelist.

  4. ITs very sad for these thing to happen.
    Very proud of the courage Shown by Juanita B.
    Didn`t know that there was also a daughter of an abusive evangelist who had
    posted here.
    Can You please contact me on my email: grapefruitchurch@yahoo.com
    God bless you

  5. Domestic abuse is never o.k. Nothing has changed, it seems, from over 20 years ago.. The church does not take a stand one way or the other when it comes to domestice violence. I thank God for the late Bishop G. E. Patterson, he was not quiet on such issues. I thank him for his many prayers and support during such a difficult time in my life and in the lives of my children. God never intended for us live in situations that endanger our lives. Forgive..but get out..no matter the cost, I am a living witness that you will survive the wrecks of time and God will sustain you and protect you.

  6. I agree with your remarks Sister Green! How are things in Chicago?

  7. God Bless You!!!!!!!!! Juanita Bynum it is time for Domestic Violence to be exposed in the church and dealt with instead of it being covered up. I am a survivor of a Domestic Violent Marriage to a man that was the minister of music in the church. When I went to the Pastor of the church for help at that time, “He simply said that he didn’t believe me because he know my ex husband’s family and that he had come from a good family”. I was devastated to hear that and felt that I had nowhere to turn. However God is Good, when I finally left my ex husband it was with police escort and protection. I was able to prove the facts in court and was granted a Divorce on the grounds of “Cruel and Inhumane Treatment”. That was 21 years ago. I am so glad the cover is being pulled off this mess in the church!

  8. Pls dont think of a divorce.God is counting on you and alot of us are looking up 2 you.When i saw ur wedding video it changed my misconception about marriage.God will strengthen you.He’d perfect everything about you.

  9. Domestic violence is about more than physical abuse. I have been in an emotionally abusive relationship for years, and I can truthfully say that the church I belong to does not believe in covering anything up. I have only stayed in the relationship out of love and fear of leaving. I admire Juanita for standing up and coming out. I know that it was not easy for her to speak about this situation because she is still going through it, but as I have been told on many accounts this is the year of RELEASE, and seven is God’s chosen number, so anything that isn’t right will be made right this year. I take that message as a testimony to my life and hopefully as an inspiration to Sister Juanita and the countless others out there who have been waiting for deliverance.

  10. It is time for vicitms suffering in silence to COME OUT!!!! Domestic Violence is a secret sin that has found a place to rest within the church walls. The secular world has addressed this issue far more than the church has, and the sad thing about it is, it is “we” who walk in the power and authority of Jesus to bring true, lasting change, not the world. Many within the church will shun the idea that at times divorce is the only answer. The lord commanded that a man should love his wife, as Jesus loved the church, even laying his life down for her. Yet all to often, woman are laying down their lifes in horrific ways to men who proclaim they love them. We have a problem, something is amiss within and without the church walls, who can hear the Lord saying it is time for change!? It is not only robbing the lives of those who become victimized by it, women, men, and children, but it also robs generations after it. How do I know this? Because statistics show that it takes a individual 7 to 10 times before they leave this type of abuse for good. What it fails to mention is that all to often people who have suffered this repeat it in new relationships. Victims tend to pick individuals that will victimize them again, offenders find another to offend. I believe with all my heart that Anita has recieved a new mandate, one that proclaims freedom to those bound by the grip of domestic violence. God will use her to bring healing and restoration, oh no! HE is not done with Anita! or Bishop Weeks for that matter. If repentive and submitted, He can still use Bishop Weeks in profound powerful ways, He is the God of restoration. I am excited to see what God is about to do!
    From A Victim Advocate,
    Jamie Stittsworth

  11. I admire you Juanita for coming out, I understand why you waited until you knew with God’s help it had went to far. This will help a lot of women to come out and also forgive. Another type of domestic violence that’s not abusive but harms all the more, that’s going on in the christian marriage ‘s is gambling it’s not talked about and only peached about 2% of the time, so we never here about how we can handle it and how to contiune to pray and wait for God to tell us when to move, and still question do i have to stay or do I go? I will keep you in my prayers. You said it so sweet THIS TO SHALL PASS!

    Love you, your Sister in ther Lord
    Mary Basurto, Hitchcock TX

  12. There is NEVER a reason to stay in an abusive relationship. People will want to say the church covers up a lot of things… well who dosen’t? Politics, the work place etc. the church is just another entity that covers up wrong doings to “save face” or protect those they believe need protecting. I pray for both Juanita and Mr. Weeks. We the “public” have no idea of the details before, during and after the altercation but we are all human and though we mail fail, he (GOD) is just and he forgives. I never condone any abuse be it physical, mental, verbal or sexual. I ponder this, being a woman of her satue/positon I wonder why she stayed in this abusive situation so long? or did the abuse happened this one time?

  13. I can only imagne what you are going through things like this happen all the time I pray that God will be with you at this time

  14. If we put our trust in God and let his will be done he will do what he said he would do I hope that God be with you I understand why you say you love your husband even though what he did was wrong sometimes in life things happen that we don’t even expect I feel that God let this happen for a reason because everything does happen for a reason God allows things to happen in life even if we don’t understand it we just have to have the faith to accept God’s will God will be here for us no matter what God is love and he is real God will fix anything if we believe in him

  15. The bottom line is, these are two anointed people. We can all look from the outside and speculate but, only God truly knows what caused the situation to get out hand like it did. at this point, prayer is the key.. either they were walking in the flesh when they got together or they were walking in the Spirit. If they were walking in the Spirit, all of us need to mind our own business as to what decisions they should make. If it was meant for them to be together, what the devil meant for evil God meant for good. God is still able to turn a mess into a miracle. On the other hand, If they did this without God, maybe it is worth walking away from. But they are the only two who should be getting a clear word from God as to where to go from here….May God bless these two vessels of honor ,whom the devil seeks to destroy.. He seeks to destroy christian character and make us look crazy before a dying world who needs Jesus.. If they can’t see Jesus in us, how will they Him……Help us God. Elder Stacey Shannon

  16. I was shocked to hear the news. Juanita is my mentor. I love their series on Teach me how to love you. Its unfortunate. But God knows all things. I pray for God’s strength for you mum and for his healing of your mental and emotional trauma you are going thro. I pray that God touch the life of Bishop Weeks and restore him

  17. In all things we must thank God. He knows what is best for his children. He will perfect that which concerns us.

  18. It grieves my heart to hear that the people we look up to as our Gods generals and Mentors are thinking of divorce,Mama juanita i ask you to let go of what ever has happened,Please do forgve bishop Weeks,I pray that God himself will sort out this matter.

  19. One can only pray,May God help us

  20. There is NO reason for a man to hit a woman I don’t believe in that let me first say that. In regards to this statement please give me a break here. She’s spoken before that she has been in abusive relationships in the past and here she really didn’t say anything. I’m sorry what was the point because there was none here. They both need to chill a while and get themselves together.

  21. juanita was and still a great mentor to me. its very sad that such an event had to happen in her life.well one thing i believe is that God just understands why some things happen.

  22. she is an inspiration to me her life style, testimonies and messages. but the question ikeep asking myself is what went wrong and i ve not gotten an answer for that. well its only God that knows best. wld kip praying for them. just wonder what would happen to the little ones coming upin the faith and what there lives would be based on.

  23. dear prophetic bynum, i know that you are hurting and you need time for healing. as an ambassador and a representative of Jesus Christ there comes a time when we have to get away from the crowd, the media, and others and steal away with Jesus and go into a shut-in and fast and pray until God speak to your heart about your situation. this will bring healing and a clear direction from God for you. Jesus said in Matthew 5:5,9,14,16 blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth; blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God; ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid; let your light so shine before men that they may see your good work, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Ephesians 6:12 says, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulersof the darkness of this wold, against spiritual wickednes in high places.Phillippians 3:13 says, Brethren, i count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before me. my God bless and keep you is my prayer.

  24. Hello,

    Please pray for both parties and don’t judge either side because only God knows the truth. I myself was falsely accused of domestic violence. Money got tight and my former wife became abusive. This abuse stemmed from the way her mother would treat her father. (Hitting, smacking & public humiliation). When a man is abused you must report it QUICKLY because it can be turned around on you very easily.
    I was blessed that the judge in divorce court saw the truth first hand when my ex came out of her fake crying and started yelling and being abusive right inside of the court room. The judge even told me that I was “very lucky” and could have lost some freedom if the truth were not exposed. The only thing that helped me keep my composure was realizing how Jesus acted while being abused. He forgave before they even wanted forgiveness.
    Not all men react like I did. I have male friends who saw what I went through and said, “I would have hit her back.” or “I would have hurt somebody.” It has been over two years and I still don’t date. The Lord is healing me. This is the first time that I have spoken out about the matter because, the Lord has shown me that there is more than meets the eye about this particular case.
    We don’t know the truth about the Bynum-Weeks case, but I do know that JOY COMES IN THE MORNING and GOD SEES EVERYTHING including the heart of a man/woman.

    God bless you all,

    Pray for me.

  25. I truly agree, everybody that says we must pray Prophetess Bynum and Mr Weeks.

    Leaders are under heavy attacks, the devil is really trying everything in is power to discourage the Leaders.

    Prophetess you are truly an inspiration to the Body of Christ, and I know and understand what is happening to you is not easy, and because everybody’s eyes is upon, we tend to feel pressurised. but i trust to Holy Spirit to lead and guide you every step of the way to make a sound decision. May God truly bless you, and Keep you and make his face to shine upon u.

    South Africa

  26. Mr.&Mrs.Weeks
    May the God Of all comfort give you peace.May time bring healing and

  27. please kindly pray that god will perform a miracle in my womb so that i will soon b able to conceive with a pair of twins of healthy baby boys which will bring loads of joy at home n kindly pray that i will have an easy safe n smooth delivery with no complications n if ther’s a prophetic word given to me n the babies i would really thank god for this grace n mercy upon me. amen. do keep me n uphold me in your prayers for the next 6 months n do keep me inform. amen

  28. Maybe you need to pray this one for yourself. I don’t think a prophetic word applies in this case. Honest sincere praying by you are more in order for a request like this. My prayers are with you since you obviously know exactly what you want!

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