Do It Prophetess Bynum Do It!

Prophetess Juanita Bynum is doing big things and bigger is coming!

Juanita Bynum Video Clip 

2 Responses

  1. Prophetess Bynum-Weeks
    Continue to keep your ear to the mouth of GOD. For he alone has ALL the answers as we both know. We know that God’s will is going to be done in your life as usual. We love (you) and the God in you. Stay encouraged as we pray and hold up your hands why God strenthens you. We love you sis, and we ARE praying for Bishop Weeks also.

    Love Pastor Velotti

  2. WOW….
    The first time when i heard about the hold Juanita bynum and bischop week issues.
    I laugch so must and so hard,thinking to myself there comes the next level!
    am 27 now and still and probaly will always adore this woman of God als long als ik see God in her.
    at the age of 22 is when i first heard Bynum speak and i was not trying to hear no preaching at all,i got save but i was not feeling preaching at all i only love the gospel music.
    but one day after coming home from bible studie,my friend who is my Pastoor now brough the tape for use to hear this woman of Gos speak he say….i was like yeah yeah whatever.

    Then God told me the next day to luisten to Bynum….so i did and OMG.
    she knock that spirit out of my life!!!!!!!!!!
    The next day i got up again couldn’t sleep because i keep on hering this woman voice in my spirit…..i got up at 5 am and when to watch that tape again and MA O MA….the POWER of GOD came in the living room so strong on me it knock me down on the ground and my mom who was sleeping,woke up speaking in laung under the POWER!!!

    So tell me is God not a living GOD………do my prophetess np hurm!

    To all the people on YouTube who is talking bad about her……..YOU AIN’T SEE THE LEVEL YET BUT WHEN YOU DO SEE IT,I PRAY THAT IT WOULD SHUT YOUR MONTHS…………..cause GOD is going to get the glory out of this one and be not suprise if you see her and week bagk together again hahahahahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this woman to must and not one bad word will come out of my mouth about her………….she is a mother in zoin!!

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