Prophetess Juanita Bynum-Weeks on TBN!

Prophetess Juanita Bynum-Weeks hosted TBN on 9-04-07 and she did a wonderful job! She clearly showed she is not going to let this situation get her down and she also made several powerful statements! This was her first public appearance since the regretable incident. View the Entire Broadcast via the TBN Archive by clicking the bottom link below!

EURWEB Article on Juanita Bynum’s TBN Appearance

Bishop Jakes On Weeks’ Incident and Domestic Violence

View TBN Praise Broadcast-Prophetess Juanita Bynum Hosting-Click the Archive for Sept. 4,2007

24 Responses

  1. I watched Prophetess Bynum last night on TBN, and I was overwhelmed. She is such a strong person. Watching her last night has truly given me hope for some situations that I am dealing with. Watching her and listening to her talk about how God still heals and to just let go and let God, has really gave me a boost. Her guest were amazing, and I know God was in that place last night. She has been and is still an inspiration to me. I started being interested in her with her “No More Sheets” series and I’ve been with her since. She truly helps me a lot.

    Prophetess Bynum, you hang in there girl. Watching you last night has made a big impact on me as a woman and as a wife. I know I can learn so much from you. I pray God’s blessings and anointing on you daily and that he open the flood gates of heaven and let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

  2. She was very good and the show was inspirational!

  3. Prophetess Bynum, my prayers are with you. Your ministry have enriched my life in such a great way. When you began your ministry, I guess the thing that I seen in your ministry that was so different from other televised ministries was your compassion and love for Christ and his people. God has used you as a vessel to allow us (the people of God) to see there is a difference between religion and relationship with God. Stay encourage, and know that what God has began in you he will complete it. Your work is not in vain!

  4. Although I missed the tbn show. I am convinced that regardless of the destruction that the enemy thought was going to happen Did not diminish the assignment that God has given the Woman of God to do and that a brief intermission is only but for a moment and then it is back to the task at hand.
    Be Encouraged, Higher Elevation and Dedication


  5. Mother, I appreciate everything GOD ALMIGHTY is doing in your life and mine and I learn from you! I kept on mentioning how strong you are, and I carried you in my spirit before God…just knowing….GOD HAS A PURPOSE! You have come out and said just what I knew from GOD….This is for a purpose and it will not tear down nor destroy-only the plan of the enemy. GLORY! I FOLLOW THE CHRIST IN YOU STILL MIGHTY WOMAN OF GOD! KEEP ON, YOU AND JESUS AS WE FOLLOW HIM AND PRAY WITH AND FOR YOU! I LOVE YOU!

  6. Regardless of what has happened, both her and Bishop weeks still have a work to do. If God put these to together, he has seen the end from the beginning and what God has joined together let no “man” put asunder.

    Keep your head up Weeks family.

  7. Thank you Juanita Bynum Weeks and Thomas Weeks and God Bless you. I currently lead a women christian book study. And the book we are reading is “Teach Me How To Love You.” I was lead to do this book weeks before the incident. And just days before the incident, everyone had received their book (through the mail). We did not detour from the leading of the Holy Spirit. But embraced this Blessing from God. I know that God’s Word does not come back void. By His Word the world took form and the ocean still is at His command. So preach and teach Juanita with all your heart and all your might!
    Thank you Juanita for walking in your purpose.

  8. Domestic violence is real in the church leadership!!!! But there is this silence about it for the sake of protecting names,positions and faces.

    I am proud of Juanita for it takes a lot of courage to come out in the open. She is risking loosing her ministry because most church folk would rather it happens between the church walls.

    Am a Daughter of an abusive Evangelist.

  9. Domestic violence is real in the church leadership!!!! But there is this silence about it for the sake of protecting names,positions and faces.

    I am proud of Juanita for it takes a lot of courage to come out in the open. She is risking loosing her ministry because most church folk would rather it happens between the church walls.

    Am a Daughter of an abusive Evangelist from Africa

  10. Domestic violence is a silent killer in the body of Christ. I commend Juanita Bynum for allowing the Lord to use her as GOD’S MOUTH PIECE!!!! There are millions of women (including myself) in the body of Christ faced with domestic violence. We are going to the church for comfort and are being prayed over and placed back in harms way.

    I pray that every church Pastor will begin to seek God for direction to find out the church role in Domestic violence. Bishop T.D Jakes said it prefect. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS UNHOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pastors, Bishopsand church leaders please stop sweeping it under the rug it’s not going away. Do you know that a little leavens the whole lump?

  11. May god continue to bless you. You truly have an anointing from god, you have touch my heart in so many ways.

  12. I have been a victim of domestic violence in the past. I am very much happy that the Lord gave me the strength to walk away from the relationship. I am happy to know that Juanita Bynum is strong enough to come out and speak about the topic. According to statics, thousands of women die each year by the hands of their husbands and their boyfriends.
    As Christians we are not exempt from tragedies, however we know that when things happen the Lord Jesus is our strong tower through the difficult times.
    I will pray that the Lord will continue strengthen Juanita through this difficult time.

    Let us all keep her in her prayers.

  13. I have been a victim of abuse for manny years. Problems dont always arrive they were always there. I glad she spoke to many about it. She just may have saved someone life. This is something that you cannot run away from. You must faced it. Moat women will smile and pretend that their life is find. Getting BEAT every other night is not funny. Come out tell some one and get out. It may save your life and the life of your children. God bless you Juanita for telling the whole world that you are a fighter.

  14. I want to let Prophetess Juanita Bynum know what an amazing speaker she is and has an anointing on her life and is approved by GOD. Juanita i want to say to you keep on going my sister do the will of GOD . Because you are helping a lot of abuse women all over this nation be encourage and stay strong in the LORD and in the power of his might. I will be praying for you.

  15. Dear Juanita Bynum,

    I was sadden to hear what you had to go through, I hope that GOD will use this to help us be the women he wants us to be. I want to you to know that you are indeed a beautiful (WOMEN ON THE FRONT LINE) and you do have the backing of others who adore you. Married women are looking up to you now even the more for direction, why!!. cause you have been thier and not ashame to expose what the devil tried to do.


  16. I can’t judge anyone but we as christians need to be ashame of our selves. Non of us should be fighting in any where let’s not mention the parking lot. I’m not taking any side here i’m just going to pray that as christian we learn to be more christ like and get out of the flesh. The world is looking at us and how many people who could have come to christ but yet now has been hendered since this incident, it doesn’t matter who you are as a christian your behavior if it isn’t like christ you stand without an excuse Romans 1. I don’t know neither person but i do know that they suppose to be’ christians. How do they think this look to someone who has never been married or is own there way to married. Evedently they didn’t care they don’t just owe God, the world, but they owe the body of christ an apology. I’m not taking either side whether it be Juanita or Steve Weeks because i am a christian and both of them are sister’s and brothers to me in christ i’m just going to pray for the situation and healing on both parts, i think both are hurting.

  17. I believe as the days go by, a different Juanita Bynum a political Bynum will emerge and with her the truth of the ordeal…There is much deception and it is wise to leave this to the Lord and to pray for these people but in the same instance, lead the ones who do not know the Lord an do not know His word to a local church..There are so many teachings that do not line up with scripture that many are confused and eyes are not on the Lord but on the drama of thos situation..

  18. I had to comment on being ashamed..No..christians are not to be ashamed..for we know who we believe in and we know the power of God that brings salvation to this situation and many like it..

  19. jaunita i love you girl i have never heard any on preach like you i received the holy spiret by wtching tv it ws late i was crying loud my baby came down stairs and said mamma why are you crying you crying for jesus mamma cry for jeses mamma cry i can hear her in the back round and i will never forget it ,i have been struggling with witch craft for 15 years it all started with my brother he said i can talk to you in your head i thaught it was cool untill he started playing games mind games i was going crazy i finnaly confronted him he admitted it was him he took me to a store told me to pick out a crystle i did i did not feel right i smashed it and said a prayer ive ran in to a few more people that practiced witch craft and it seems as if their always watcing me i have no privacy i hear them talking to me time to time i started to use drugs i was crying one night asking god to take me i asked over and over and then i said if you are not going to take me then take me for a few hours i fell asleep and had a dream i lived in a round tree house there were 3 men following me but only one was talking i felt such peace he said he had to go i begged him to take me he said i could not go where he was going i cryed and begged he said cami look behind you your surrounded wilth angels looked and all the people had wings flered out and glowing he looked at me and said you have not fullfilled your destiny i woke up from what i thaught a few hour nap my kids said i was asleep for 2 days i heard you preach on witch craft about the same time i had this dream i know i am not going crazy but i dont no how to shut these poeple out please can you help i have to stay sain for my self and my children i pray to god to hear from you soon

  20. Ms. Garcia if you are really going through what you say you are let’s not wait on Prophetess Bynum to contact you, we will pray for you right now.

    Lord we come against every hindering spirit that seeks to harm my sister, we bind every work of the enemy. We seek your healing virtue to flow from the crown of her head unto the soles of her feet. Lord you and you alone are our Deliverer that will free us from every shackle, hinderance, disease, and chain that negatively affects our lives. You are our Great Physician, our Jehovah Rappha, who can heal this sister whose mind is being tormented. Lord you are the God of no impossibilities, and the God that nothing is to hard for you to perform. Heal this sister, bind the enemy who seeks to take her mind. We rebuke any spirit that is not like you in her life in the name of Jesus, we claim total and complete victory in my sister’s life, and the life of her family Amen!

  21. GOD loves you and your husband always don’t never forget that.

  22. you are a real woman of God u have been a blessing to me and my friends be encourage in the lord.

  23. prophetess juanita i just want you to know that god has everything in cotrol so continue to listen to his voice. i erica grady standing in the gap of every marriage that has been under attack. my marriage has been under attack since i have been marriage. but since now i am in the presence of god , i am here for purpose to fullfill the calling god has chosen us women to go threw so our testomonies can help marriage women that we dont have to settle for nothing. also we dont have to give up on marriages. when our we going to stand up on the things god is putting together. god is calling the church folks to continue to pray for marriages that seems impossible in mens eyes, but not impossible in gods eyes. continue to stay on the battlefield for our lord.

  24. She is so Powerful. And being a black I just want to say that a woman is such a beautiful treasure and should never be mistreated. God uses us to show himself to those who are in disbelief. So when you go through don’t let it be in vain show somebody the goodness of God in your dark situation.

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