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  1. Greetings to you in the most precious wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in whom we were redeemed by His precious blood and brought us unto the promise of eternal life .
    We thank the Lord for your ministry, love and burden for the ministry. It is a great previlage to serve the Lord , it was not entrusted to the angles, but it was entrusted to us by His grace to be witness for Him in this darken world.
    I am from India, my name is Emmanuel and my wife name is Ruthramani, we had two children and they are studying . our elder son name is Sanofiel and second one name is Joy Sam Johannan. The Lord had put a great zeal for the unsaved in our country. The Lord spoke from Hos. 10:12 “…… break up your fallow ground ……” in other words plough the ground and sow the seed. In obedience to His promise we are moving to preach the Gospel in the remote villages and also conducting children meetings by showing charts of Biblical lessons,
    Missionary biographies, action songs etc., The Lord has given talents tous, my wife is talented with story telling, my children will play musical instruments, in this way we all glorify the Lord. It is a great previlage to serve Him. The Lord is taking us in so many situations to teach His precious lessons by way of opposition. Some time while we travel for outreach to other far places by bus, there will be no seats to sit and we have to travel hundreds of kilometers standing in the bus, sometimes waiting in darken nights in the bus stands. In all these situations, it is a great previlage to suffer for Him and learning us how to be patience with prayerfully preparing further for the power of the Lord into the fields of harvest. Recently we had visited a village and conducted children meetings for three days, about 100 children had attended, many of them confessed their sins and accepted the Loving Saviour Jesus into their hearts. Last day many had testified, some had told memory verses, some sang songs which they had learned. In this way the Lord had used us, a useless and worthless vessels for His glory. It is not we, who do but the Lord, who has empowered us to do everything by the prayer of His saints. Glory to God in everything.

    Our goals are reach every village with the Gospel of Jesus Christ establish the congregations where there is no congregation train and equip the people to be witnesses and to share the Gospel to their neighbours share the social gospel to them that oppose the Christianity preach the Gospel among the children because children are prone to dangers of this worldy attractions which hinders them to attend the church. The age is such which make them to love the darkness rather than the Light (Jesus)
    About India:
    1. Born again christians are only 2 % out of 100 crore Total population
    2. More than 50 % people never heard the name of Jesus
    3. There are more than 5 lakh villages without the Gospel preachers
    4. More than 55 thousand people die each day without the previlage to hear the Gospel to determine /choose the everlasting life before they kick their bucket.
    Kindly pray for us and for the ministry in India and extend your hand for furtherance of the Gospel to the perishing souls in this land.please come over india and you can see the people starving and the harvest in india.please make a mission trip to india. With your extention of loving prayerful support hands we can move further in this great task of soul winning . we are praying for you please remember us in your daily prayers. 1 Thes. 5:25
    We are waiting for your kind reply.
    Yours in His eternal grace
    p. emmanuel and Ruthramani.

    Agape Gospel Outreach Team


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