Prophetic Word from Prophetess Juanita Bynum!

Enjoy this Juanita Bynum Nugget from several years back!

7 Responses

  1. I’m praying that she will be okay. God bless.

  2. my mother dr juanita bynum i would like you to know that what ever you are going through now is not about you. but its about the african women who has gotten used to the fat that they are second class citizens when you wept on tv the hole women in the world wept and their tears touched heaven so this is not about you or your mirrage its about your new assignment mother nigeria is waiting

  3. Juanita,

    God does have his hand on you! Stand no matter what the enemy makes it look like. You know we are living in those days refered to in the Bible as the last days and the enemy just wants to decieve us in every way wether it be finances, marriages, families friends, and even the relationship we have with our holy heavenly father(GOD, JEHOVA,ABBA,ALPHA&OMEGA). As we know satan is the author of all confusion and division. His assignment is and has been from day one to divide, tear down, destroy and decieve God’s people or to bring shame on those that choose to serve and live for God. Just know that you know “No Weapon Formed Shall Ever Prosper!” . No they will Never Prosper.

  4. Hello prophetess Bynun,
    the lord could have prevent such thing from happening but he allow it so you will understand what is happening in the body of teach us to pray for you minister in the front line as you are a target to satan i am really sorry it happen but god is in control you are coming out victorious

  5. i want to be happy for you to be alive today.

  6. you can call me at 301-516-0655 for any comments.

  7. Hi Dr juanita I was called by the Lord when I was 13 yrs, and many saints believe that I’m a prophet. I prophesy but I’m also confussed sometime, I cannot explain somethings people @ church tells me dat I’m too young , but the lord gives me a massege for the whole church .I need help plz. becz sometimes if they do not allow me to deliver a massege from God I feel empty bcz I feel lyk someting is burning within me. plz allow the Holy Spirt 2 help me through U. by the way I’m 20 yrs know in South Africa

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