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Preach Stephen.Com will soar past our 250,000th visit on 8-27-07. We have been quite a popular blog since our January 18, 2007 launch! This is our 700th Post and we are grateful about the fantastic response that we have received to this blog!

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  1. I am really in prayer for Mr. & Mrs. Weeks,and I say it in this manner because this has nothing to do anyone else but this husband and wife. Although people may feel that it does, and thats because they are not looking at them as a husband and wife in this case but they are looking at them as public figures, but People fail to realize that they are human beings just like everyone else. I don’t know what happened nor is it any of my business, but one thing I do know is that these are two powerful and wonderful people of God. I pray that they will reconcile. I believe that God can do all things but fail. If it is their desire to reconcile then they must seek God. Pastor Juanita and Bishop Weeks are not beyond God. People must not look at them like It couldn’t happen to them. I believe that Gods power is So great and so awesome that He can even restore this marriage if it is their desire. I don’t think that they shoul make a hasty decision. The enemy must be having a ball but he is already defeated. Many christian marriages are going through the same thing but it’s just kept under cover. God has allowed this woman of God to go through so many things for his Glory, It may not seem that way, but if she had not gone through what she went through then many woman would not have been set free. I do not support what happened at all. I am a woman who have had to face domestic violence, and it is a terrible thing. Maybe Bishop has to face his giants and deal with the fact that he needs help in this area of his life and it was kept under cover. Maybe he will be delivered now. My prayers. Pam York

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