What a Moment in the Body!

The recent events that have filled the Christian World and the Christian Blogosphere are revealing that the Church is at a crossroad. Many of the Generals of the Faith are passing on or adavanced in age, and many of us were not ready, nor in position to catch the mantles that they could or could have passed on. We now have any number of our prominent younger leaders in The Body of Christ who are dealing with issues that have made the news in ways that are not flattering. Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus because it is apparent that many in The Body of Christ have had our eyes on our leaders and not on Jesus Christ. What can we do to take advantage of this moment in The Body of Christ?

Pastor Stephen F. Smith


2 Responses

  1. it’s amazing that we are on the same page. we have made men & women of God in the forefront accountable to a standard that we don’t even live at ourselves. one thing i have learned in the little time i have had been in ministry is that you can loose who God made you to be, and become what people want you to be. but one thing you cannot do, is make a mistake, because we who “love” the lord, will kick one when he is down. never mind the fact that we all have things we all need to workout. we need to remember the word “cover”, cause believe me one day we all will or have needed someone to cover us!!!

  2. God said that He promised to expose that which is not of Him especially this year and He is definitely doing it.

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