Paula White and Randy White to Divorce!

Paula White and Randy White to Divorce! What a week this has been! The enemy is busy taking out our leaders. Yes it’s praying time Saints!
News Story-Paula White and Randy White to Divorce

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  1. AMEN!!! It is time to pray. The enemy is a liar.

  2. Before everyone gets all up in arms about my comment. I think it’s a shame that people who have written books and who have held great pride in the fact that they have “kept their marriage” together, can’t seem to keep it together. Divorce is not an option in the word of God, and these people are hypocrites if they can’t seem to look to the God that they preach about in an effort to work it out. Life going in different directions is not an excuse for divorce. The problem is that these folks are too greedy for money and fame. There is no excuse, and this only validates my feelings of not taking these people too seriously at these conferences that they host. It’s all entertainment. They’re entertaining the masses and disguising it as the word of God. This is not to discredit anything that God has done through their work, because he’s going to manifest His word no matter what. I just hope that people realize that we really need to be building a personal relationship with God individually and not putting all of our trust and faith in these human beings who are no better than we are.

  3. God knew, from the foundation of the world, what would transpire with Paula and Randy White, as well as Juanita Bynum and her husband, Mr. Weeks. I don’t know exactly what God has in store, but I do know that what we go through….the tests we endure are not for us, but to use as a testimony to help others…. they are also to glorify God. I believe that God is getting ready to blow the roof of the church, and uncover all the hidden things that take place in marriage among christian couples. I believe that many people will turn from their sin, and even more people will be saved. And I believe that God will use these two powerfully annointed women to usher Christian couples into what marriage is supposed to be: an Earthly representation of Christ and the Church.

  4. Pray for them ’cause it could have be me or you. This is not the time to judge, there is never a time for to us judge. God is the Judge. Leave the judgement to Him/GOD. If you want to help, love, comfort, bring healing to this or any situation, we must, immediately, forgive and see them as Christ sees them.

    We all have done wrong and we must know that just as God continues to love and forgive us, he is willing and more than able to forgive and love all. We must release our hurts and dispointments by turning them over to God. Our sincere, heartfelt, genuine prayers changes things. Pray and watch God work!

    Point to Ponder!

    God is married to the church. How many times have we messed up on Him? What wrongs have we done in THIS marriage?

    1. Neglected His word, which is GOD himself? etc., etc., etc…..

    Behold, if Almighty God’s marriage (to us) is not perfect, then let it be known, there is no perfect marriage, anywhere. Let us forgive.

  5. This is a time for the SAINTS of the MOST HIGH GOD to start praying and rebuking satan.
    Mr & Mrs White GOD hates Divorce. There is NOTHING too hard for GOD, HE can even save your marriage.
    Mr & Mrs Weeks, GOD says that vengence is MY and I shall REPAY. Mr Weeks what ever you were going thru was a reason to get on your knees and pray for you and your wife.
    Look people if we take ourselves out of the equation, and make GOD & CHRIST the main factors then we can overcome all things with CHRIST on our side.

    Remember that the BATTLE belongs to GOD alone.
    God Bless each of you.

    With Much Love and Prayer
    Dianne M.
    Your Sister In Christ Jesus

  6. My heart really Goes out to these people. How ever the word of God says that God permited divorce due to the hardness of mens heart. Divorce is a issue of the heart before it becomes a legal document in the court system. You can be married and be divorced in your heart the issue is reeconcile your heart people are being selfish and yeilding in submission to ONE ANOTHER period this is a blame on both parties Ibeleive ministry should take a backseat and put the real ministry which is youyr family first that is the divine order.

  7. I wouldn’t expect people other than the body of Christ to understand this comment. First the scripture says, Through Love and Kindness have I drawn thee. Just because peopel in minitry use this method doesn’t mean that they are sincere w/ God. It amazes me that people can care about what people say, think about them, and love people so much, but not have that same genuine desire for GOD! I love people and I do care about my reputation because God wants us concerned about these things, but my image and reputation in God’s eyes are most important. I am a married young woman who is in the ministry and so is my husband. we might nothave as many years in marriage as they do, but wisdom doesn’t always come by age, but by being in lead by God. Also to sum this up we have to make sure the way we apply God’s healing Word, delivering Word, loving Word, forgiving, and long suffering Word to other people’s lives to our own lives. It’s easier to tell someone toget your act together verses you taking action towards your own. Lets be wise, prayerful, loving, gentle, but yet unmoveable. Don’t let this affect your desire and walk with Christ!

  8. Nothing happens by chance. Everything has already been planned. God planned our ending already and then took us to the beginning and told us to get there. During this journey we will go through many things and face many battles in which we will lose some, but… the overall war has already been won. Our God may take us the long way but He will never take us the wrong way. These women are human just like us and go through abuse, neglect, heartache and pain just like you and I. The enemy just magnifies theirs more because of their ministry. Now is not the times to judge, it’s time to pray. It’s time for warfare because it’s their day today but guess what, tomorrow may be yours or mine. I’ve learned that in this life either you’re in a battle, going through a battle or you just got out of a battle. Now if none of that applies to you then you’re dancing with the devil anyway and he doesn’t tempt his own.

    Now I’ve been saved for over 21 years and I know the Word and the Word knows me but I too am in the process of divorce. I got married for the first time at 36 and unbeknowest to me, my husband was a previous drug addict and that side manifested during the course of our marriage. So no amount of praying or anything can make me go back to what God brought me out of. We don’t know what God has on His agenda regarding these Mighty Women of Excellence but I can assure you and attest to the fact that God is not through with them yet and their best is yet to come.

  9. It is simply amazing how many brethren are just ready to shoot all these scriptures at these people becuase they have marital problems. So i ask myself would we be willing to be an answer to JESUS own prayer FATHER I PRAY THAT THEY MAY BE ONE AS YOU AND I ARE ONE. Who’s the judge the brethren or the KING OF KING. THE BYNUM’S, THE WHITES AND EVERYONE WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE TO GOD HIMSELF, SO PRAY FOR THEM BECause THE WORD STATES THAT WE ARE ALL PART OF EACH OTHER. PRAY THAT IN HIS MERCY HE MAY REESTABLISH THEIR MARRAIGES, THEIR LIVES AND MINISTRIES. THAT IS WHY DAVID SAID IT IS BETTER TO FALL IN YOUR HANDS FOR YOU HAVE MERCY BUT MAN HAS NONE.

  10. Did they seek conselling from their spiritual fathers? What is going on the the world. Sanits lets us pray for them and let God have his perfect will.Lets us also look onto him as our role model who sit on the throne. Thank

  11. I agree with us praying, but about what are we praying. Are we praying that the devil stop attacking us, as he never will until he is put down forever, or are we praying that we as God’s church will be stronger in our faith, more hungry for God’s will in our lives, on this earth and more discerning of the traps of the enemy that we may avoid them. None of us is perfect and like King David described as a man after God’s own heart, each of us has a propensity to fall and so we must guard ourselves against falling. Many of us in both small and mega churches are too busy building and guarding our riches, wealth and even ministries at the expense of guarding our hearts, minds and our families from the enemy’s attacks and strategies. My message is let us do what the heavenly father would do and pray that ALL involved be restored, but also importantly that we pray that the church (popular figures and the unknown) will wise up, on both an individual and communal level, sharpen our swords and guard our lives against the greed, pride, power, selfishness and sexual immorality that is so pervasive in the life of the ‘church’ as much as the world. These elements take many different shapes and forms in our individual lives and so as we pray, let us consecrate ourselves afresh to God each day so that more of Him will increase in our lives and less of us. After all that’s the only way we can see and hear God most clearly.

  12. the devil is a liar. i am sad, yes , simply because i love these people. i want all the saints to lift up their voices and rebuke the devil. also where is bishop jakes. these are his daughters and i want him to understand that we look up to him in a time like this.ACT bishop. praying for them.

  13. The bible says in 1 Corinthians 9:27 I beat my flesh under subjection lest what I preach to others, I myself become disqualified.

  14. The war is intentsifying in the heavenlies…. Forces of darkness are seeking any opening to cause devastation and distraction. Forces of light are also in a ready position to act on the command of The Lord of Host. The Angels that gather are being released to enable the body of Christ to deal with all the stumbling blocks that have given the enemy a stronghold in the life of the Church aborting the move of God in so many of our leaders. At the end of it all God is restoring all things to Himself. If there was ever a time to seek the Lord in prayer on behalf of His Church is Now!.. The Church of Jesus Christ is unstoppable remember that, even as He continues to work His formation within us.

  15. God Bless them both they need to sit and that is not a form of punishment as some would think but they need to get some restoration in their marriage and their spirits. They are in fore front and they need to show some accountability and sit down get up under some sound counsel (integral counsel) that knows how to keep there buisness with them. People who are leaders are and will be held accountable. The thing that gets me the most is while your on t.v. doing Your thing or misnisty you should of been seeking God and set that aside. See people try to dress things up by sayin oh i’m doing the work of the misnisrty. Like to say there is a big diffrence between having a heart FOR God and the heart OF God. Sit down Sit down get healed. Pastor Randy if you say it’s all your fault then you as the man and the covering over your wife walk in submission(to oneanother) and get your stuff straight with God and your wife and be a man of intergrity and honor vows to God and say it’s my fault but want to get up and minister as if not a problem IT IS because you have not operated in longsuffering,patience and humility. Be a man of God Repent gather yourself around people who will tell you the truth to save your family and not YOUR Minisrty.


  16. Why is everyone so surprised? My minister husband divorced me. He refused marriage counseling. He refused to talk to our pastor. He told me “there is something better out there for me.” I guess so, I worked and put him through two masters and a phd at Harvard Divinity. I followed him to his first faculty position and just when he was given tenure he was no longer satisfied in our nearly 18 year marriage. He found a new Mrs. Better and had two little betters. It was better for him that I truly do love the Lord. My love for the Lord stopped me from running him and Mrs. Better down with my truck. Praise the Lord!!!

  17. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 is Our foundational scripture to conquer & receive restoration. May we ALL Look to the Cross where our help comes from. All our Healing is Found in the Cross. May we never forget the Price Jesus Paid to keep us all free from the hands of the enemy.
    I love both of these families, they ministered GOD’S Word to us all especially in those times that where so hard, nights I wanted to quit, they spoke GOD’S rhema words to encourage me from not quiting. I plead the blood of Jesus all over them and will pray & intercess for them both. They must humble themselves under the mighty hand of GOD and HE will restore them better then ever before. satan is our defeated foe, let’s take our positions and press into the Holy of Holies for the entire body of Christ Jesus.

  18. The bible says that those of us who are strong in the Lord should be lifting up our brothers and sisters in prayer when we see them overtaken in a fall. This is the time to bear the infirmities of the week, because everybody gets week. This is not a time for judgement. This is seriously a time for prayer. We are definitely in the last days and the bible says that the devil would fool the very elite if he could. Let’s remember that “the weapons of our warfare are NOT CARNAL but mighty through GOD to the pulling down of strongholds!!”

  19. Seriously time for prayer

  20. Ms. Madison,

    Hunny, you are hilarious!!!!!
    Praise the lord!!!!!

  21. I belive that my God can rekindle and restore anything broken. It’s sad to see this couple getting a divorce, to whom I truly admire. God is coming soon and the devil knows that if he can take out the head than the body is volunarable to be attacked. But, God always has the last word. Instead of putting each other down or “Gossiping”. We should be praying for them. No one is perfect and we are all one body. The bible says Love thy neighbor like you love thyself. God has never left his people in hard times…and I can guaratee you God has a purpose with all of this. Lets pray for them…because the same way you judge….the same way you will be judge.

  22. I know most people are disappointed but at the same time I think that we all should be sober. We all have frailties, weakness, hurts. I am sure this is very hard on them and I cry with them. We are all human.

    Even the Most High God is compassionate. I do not know anyone who does everything right all the time, Even Paul said that the things that he should do he does do and the things he should do is what is avoids. It is a battle for all us. We need help when we are weak.

    Some the articles that I have read are really wicked. People have called her greedy and said it is God’s Judgment against her that is causing this. That is not right. God knows all of us and he will deal with us. He is our father. Remember Jesus even asked that if it were possible that God should take the cup away. Then he said never the less let your will be done. If it were easy he would not wanted a way out.

    May God heal them and make them whole. Do not add to their tears. I do not think God likes it. We should not be like the parable Jesus gave about the Pharisees. He who is without sin cast the first stone. Pray and be compassionate so that you will have mercy in your hard time.

  23. I have to say people say the the word “jusdge not less you should be judged” but the bible says you should judge yourself PAstor Randy is a man of God who needed to judge himself in the area of his relationship with his wife. This isnt judging him at all because he should of corrected himself yes God love and mercy and grace is able to restore but sit down sit down. Releasing yourself from ministry for a time is not a form of punishment as some would want to think but is a sign of spiritual maturity to know that some things need to be in order. To ignore accountabilty and to keep ministinig in fore fron is a large form of PRIDE and personal agenda because you do damage to the Body of Christ. When DAvid slept with Basheba and their was a child that was produced out of their encounter the bible says that the prophet Nathan who corrected DAvid said that you have given OCCASION for the enemies of GOD to blamphemed and the child. This situation is an occassion to bring shame against the body and when you restore such a one lest we shall fall of the same thing then the body can be healthy. Pastor Randy I beseech you sit down Paula sit down get healed get under some sound counseling be still show. Get up under the Word yourself and allow God to process you through this transition.

  24. let GOD be GOD,And let’s do our job as saints and pray.

  25. Tele-evangilism? It started out as being pure ministry but today appears to be a channel to gain more money, more fame. So much so, that many tele-evangelists, have become so focused on speaking at the next big conference or organizing and hosting their own mega conference that their homes are severely malnurished. As a result, rage, envy, strife, greed, and frustration rear its ugly head and literally destroys what is left of relationships.
    What’s happening between the Whites is unbelievable! 18 years about to go down the drain because their lives are going in seperate directions? The Bible I read speaks of wives being submissive to their husbands and following their leadership despite how “mighty” they may be in the gospel. What is that saying about the institution of marriage today? Divorce is sooooo rampant in the church, yet, we have the audacity to get radicle about homosexuals redefining it (though not in support of that either)? Christians are redefining it themselves by doing what ever they want to do. Now, I’m not judging anyone, but when are we going to be real with the people of God? Even more so, those non-believers? They are watching us and those on television have to be more wise. What are we showing them?

  26. I am divorced as well. It does happen. The world is full of sin. This is not a perfect world we live in…it is a fallen world. We suffer sickness, we suffer through divorces. We have no idea what is causing this. We cannot judge lest we be judged. We have absolutely no idea and will NEVER know what led to this. Who knows…So we should never judge but only pray for them. It could very well be that they are truly Christians who are doing their best to live for God and life is getting in the way…

    Having said all of that, they should immediately step down from their leadership role in ministry. Sorry to say this, but they have zero place in leadership now. That’s it. Plain and simple. I don’t judge them for getting divorced. They can still attend church, be involved in many ways. If they continue leading though, that will be the true test of their character.

  27. I have deliberately not touched this subject, but to ask for the prayers of the Saints for this ministry couple. Yet, the last post kind of got me going. I can see if they would take a short season away from the pulpit, but it is ludicrous to assume because of their divorce that they are disqualified from ministry! Absolutely ludicrous! God still has work for both of them to do! Marital problems abound across The Body of Christ; however we can not disqualify all divorced people from ministry!

  28. David said I was young and now I am old and I have never seen the righteous forsaken. God will never forsake us no matter what we have done. It is never too late to repent except if you are dead. The bible lets us know nothing can seperated us from the love of God. David was an adulterer and he still was used by god so what makes you think Juanita or Paula cannot be used? Peter denied Jesus TWICE and still was used by God, The only difference between bishop Weeks and ourselves is that he was seen publically. Does this mean we are right because some of us weren’t CAUGHT in public? We are just as wrong for all the dirty private sins that we committ as well. Now Bishop Weeks was wrong for the beating of his other half. (Because u become onewhen you’re married) and Juanita is also wrong for divorcing. Let me tell you why. The bible says that the devil is the author of confusion and division. Divorce means divisionTHEREFORE we know divorce is not of God. People this is the enemy working overtime to destroy the kingdom! We must pray God gives Juanita a forgiving heart and Bishop weeks strength to change and become even greater then before. I pray that YES, threr marriage will be restored but until then God will continue to use these great women. Remember God can still use you in your weakest point. We are not perfect GOD IS. Juanita if you ever read this. I love you and I am praying for you but hear this Forgive forgive forgive…this is your second divorce and you are an example to a lot of people. I know you were hurt badly and your HELP COMETH FROM THE LORD. You were the one who said not to give up on marriage. Pray for weeks and for yourself so that you may be reconciled.

  29. I am sorry about this situation and hope that by some miracle the marriage is put back together. However, I know that these people both understand the great responsibility they have being ministers of the gospel. It isn’t my place nor anyone else’s place to judge their situation–only God’s. The Lord knows their hearts and His plan isn’t going to be thwarted because of their situation. He will have His way. Sometimes the enemy can take a situation and cause great confusion in it. I believe that the body of Christ needs to pray for its’ leaders in the ministry and cover them daily with the blood of Christ. We don’t have long to bring in the harvest before the Lord returns and the enemy knows it!

  30. and remember it is by faith and not feelings that we serve god. Not too many will agree with me and u may think I am crazy but don’t look at me that way look into the bible and what it says and you’ll know that I am saying truth. Many people were praying for divorce but I say Pray for UNITY! We are so quick to run away from our problems but YOUM MUST KNOW OUR PROBLEMS STILL FOLLOW US! SO INSTEAD OF RUNNING FROM THEM STICK WITH IT AND LET GOD TAKE YOU THROUGH THE BATTLE OR ELSE THE BATTLE WILL COME AFTER YOU! I believe even after this sad news Juanita and Bishop can still be in love again. People in the world do it all the time. This one story onThe View where this woman was almost killed by her husband throwing acid on her! A couple of months after he was released from jail they were back together even more in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they can do it so can the body of CHRIST. I FIND OUT THAT IT IS CHRISTIANS THAT KNOW HOW TO DIVIDE EASIER THEN THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD AND IT SHOULD NOT BE! DON’T LOOK AT JUANITA OR PAULA BUT TO JESUS HIMSELF. Saints it is time to pray for our leaders and our world. don’t just talk about what you think is right or wrong but pray beloved PRAY LIKE NEVER BEFORE BECAUSE THE WEAPONS OF THIS WARFARE IS NOT CARNAL BUT SPIRITUAL!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I believe that we need to stop playing God and judging others. God alone knows what happened here and it is for Him alone to judge. Also at the point that a husband deliberately assualts His wife the marriage covenant is broken. Wives are not punching bags, in fact we are daughters of the Most High God. Think about it for those of you that are parents– Would you allow your daughters to be beat by their husbands? I know I wouldn’t and neither does God the Father.

  32. I agree that they should step down from leadership for a season. I am not saying they should not minister to people in a different capacity – however, they should take the time out from leadership to restore themselves spiritually. The “sick” cannot help the “sick.” May the Lord help them, and all of us, to seek to be like Him.

  33. If Paula and Randy are children of God, then He will deal with them… if we judge them then He will deal with us!

    The one thing that I have learned in my marriage… (24 years in December!)… is that Jesus MUST BE the lover of my soul… if I take my eyes off Christ then I try to fill that void with all sorts of things…. the only way I am able to love my wife is by being loved by Christ!

    Marriage is something God created and Satan wants so much to destroy it and a high profile marriage like Paula and Randy’s is just what he has been waiting for….

    PRAY……. JUST PRAY…… for all of our lives, that they may reflect nothing more than CHRIST!

  34. Thanks for the previous post!

  35. We need to test what we are being taught, the bible tells us God hates divorce.

  36. One gift of the Spirit is “discerning of spirits.” Of course, not every spirit is of God. Some are dangerous—very dangerous—to you and the Church! It is critical to understand who and what these spirits are—to “discern” and recognize them.

    In fact, the apostle John warns, “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world” (I John 4:1).

    The world’s churches have ministers. They all claim to serve God. They all claim to represent Christ. Yet they compete with one another and cannot agree on even the most basic teachings of the Bible.


    Paul answers in II Corinthians 11:13-15: “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.”

    Never assume that what a minister teaches you is the truth—or even that he is of God. Always “try the spirits, whether they are of God.”

  37. There have been a lot of high-profile leaders fall into sin lately. This is why we must follow Jesus, not people. If we’re following Him, I believe we will have discernment to detect when a Christian leader (or so called leader) is fake – and there are definitely many of them. I know too many people that rub shoulders with some of the well-known, high-profile TV preachers and some of the things they tell me are sickening.

    My main problem with the White’s is that they are not expressing any biblical grounds for divorce. Man, they should at least admit to their congregation and partners that they understand their divorce is a sin against God. One thing that urkes the heck out of me is when people who claim the name of Christ come to a place where they think their Christian service is more important than obedience to the word of God.

    Anybody who supports these ministers who live like they are above the scriptures is a fool. Just my opinion. Although there are a lot of genuine, humble and blameless high-profile Christian leaders out there, I believe that the greatest rewards in Heaven will go to those most of us have never heard of.

  38. Where I come from marriage is held sacred. Our Mothers and great grand mothers submitted and humbled themselves in marriage. Even when you husband went astray and brought home a child, it was accepted and cared for as one of the own. What is happening today? Even unbelievers hold marriage in high esteem done we do in the church. We need to hold on fast to God’s word concerning marriage. We need to work a little harder, make a little sacrifices for each other, care and love each other sincerely as we did before during our first love.

    It is truly sad and painful to see our leaders suffer such faith. What about us who are suffering-long in our marriages? what do we do?

  39. Any person who takes on the role of being an example to others, will be scrutinised at every level. For every word that comes out of thy mouth will be accountable. Do not blame all on the devil, but just look at the lords most famous prayer deliveliver us from hard testings.
    He who gives advice will often fall into circumstances that will require them to address their teachings. many people will look at the leaders of the church and will say ” I like to see you get out of this mess if its that easy”. many people will pray for the down fall of successful people to show that their life is a sham.
    I know however if you condemn you will be condemned and if you send love you will recieve. So whether you like or dislike this couple, as a person who lives by Gods word the only solution is God send a blessing. It will come to pass that often a person of significance will be used as an example for others to re assess their lives, or even bring some people down from the petty stool. only the future will give the answer for todays mishaps….. Though one important thing… for all those who wish down fall of any leader, or person of so called significant position, just take note of there background and take in some learnings, they are human and most have suffered more than the average person initially and they gave others permission to realise their future can also look bright. Like the guy who ran the quarter mile in less than a minute, before he did that others thought it was impossible now its like not even the target! the following year so many others also achieved it. So please do not allow jealousy or any other negative trait to look on a person. I ask that even if things do not look correct that you ask God to use it to be of benefit for all… do i need to remind people of 911 and the love that was shared afterwards. God bless

  40. Dear Pastor Paula White, Greeting you and the Lord who made the Heaven and earth. I wanted to thank you and the Lord for giveing me this time to write you .Pastor I praying for you and your husband. I know that God any owen God will work things out. Pastor Iam praying becasue I’ve been there and I know what It took me to go through pray .So iam going to keep you in pray and look for the best. Pastor White when you get time to answer me back my email adders is and my p.o. box 8291 new haven ct 06530 . Pastor White I love your ministry and please keep it on the air . Love you Elder James Nelson Gore Sr. Iam PRAYING”

  41. The Whites And The Bynums

    I thank The Lord for your lives,and the lives God has touched through you-including mine.I just wanted to encourage you by saying All Is Well.This is not the final page of your lives and God will have the Final Say.We love you,and are praying for you.The same GOD who has seen you through all the other Circumstances will see you through now.Trust in Him.Clear out all the other voices and hear what God is saying.May He lead you and guide you,fight your battles and remember mercy.Jesus is the lifter of your head.Its a season and you are passing through.May GOD give you Peace and joy.GOD will Glorify Himself in you.Much Love.


  43. I’m very SCEPTICAL of Paula Whites ministry to begin with, you NEVER hear her preaching REPENTENCE or SALVATION by GRACE …..Just BEGGING for MONEY and wanting you to plant a SEED in her Ministry. Its sad really but the Apostle Paul said it would be this way in the last days.

  44. Her ministry is not based on your sceptism! I usually don’t allow a comment like yours, but I will allow it and I will pray that you listen to her again and I am sure that you will hear everything that you think you are not hearing!

  45. Thank You PastorSmith for allowing my comment, I guess it did come across more harsh than I wanted…I just get tired of always hearing Preachers on TV/RADIO putting such a emphasis on MONEY and not on SOULS. Sure, the LORD is able to prosper a man/women with material things of this world but our main emphasis shouldn’t be how big a house and/or car we drive but witnessing to LOST SOULS and winning them to CHRIST. My prayer for her and her husband/or x-husband in this case would be to analyze there walk with the LORD and see if THINGS OF THIS WORLD has choked out the Word in there Personal Lives, its a common thing these days especially in the realm of “RELIGOUS” preaching today of prosperity package plans. The LORD will and can FORGIVE,RESTORE and RENEW LIVES I’m a LIVING EXAMPLE of that…..Thank You again for your time.

  46. One of the things that we must keep in mind is that all of those who are in leadership are human. When Peter stepped out on the sea he walked on the waves btu the moment he tok his eyes off of Christ and looked at where he stood, he began to sink. Even those who hold places of prominence in the Body of Christ have to stay focused. To be more mindful of your position than of who you serve will inevitably lead to failure. I am not one who bashes Tele-evangelism, btu we must keep in mind that the real mesage of the gospel is about the salvation of the lost. There is too much works that can clasified as wood, hay and stubble that are burned up when the heat touches them. We should endeavor to be more supportive of local ministries who are reaching into communities and touching the lives of those who have not accepted the gospel.

  47. Wow I just saw that they got a divorce. God only gave one way out for divorce, and that was for hardening of the heart. So someone needs to ask God for forgiveness, or if not he can’t forgive them. If there is humility in any relationships and forgivness you will wall in Gods love and anyone can make a marriage work. Those that don’t work at theirs, are those people who find excuses and use the word as a crutch, for them to get out. What happen to better or worse to death do us part. God hates divorce. Two born again Christian that have the knowledge of the word that they have all I can say is yes God is Merciful. What a shame and waste. Jesus forgive us all.

  48. Whom much is given much is required
    Sin can be forgiven but there will always be consequences for our sin
    REPENT AND CONFESS and forsake, Lord have mercy on us all

  49. Hello. Fantastic job, if I wasn’t so busy with my school work I read your entire site. Thanks!

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