The Art of Hoopology!

The Art of Hoopology!

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  1. How can I get more of Dr.Leroy Elliott sermons ?

  2. Hello,

    Is this the same Rev. Leroy Elliott which used to conduct the Revival Services’in Buffalo, New York at Mt. Arrack Baptist Church for the late Rev. Jones? I first heard him when I was 13 years old, it surely sounds like the same one. How can I get more of your sermons?

  3. Hey first couin, Im one of your uncle James daughter’s,or should I say Uncle Rev.
    Just so you know which James he was the brother of Connie D, Thomas, Leonard, Uncle Sweet oops William, your daddy Sugar Foot oops Charles and so on and so forth how are you? I enjoyed viewing you on youtube,but who is Melford Elliott? He does’nt look like Christine’s son Melford!



  4. How can i get more of Dr.Leroy Elliot, Sermons

  5. How can I get more Dr. Leroy Elliot sermons? He is truly a man sent from God

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