What Has the Bountiful Blessings Broadcasts Meant to You?

Bishop G. E. Patterson’s Broadcasts via his Bountiful Blessings Ministries have been a Sunday Morning Favorite for many Christians. Evangelist Louise Patterson is committed to carrying these broadcasts on despite his recent passing. He was a breath of fresh air amongst many Sunday Morning Broadcasts across Christian Television. What has the Bountiful Blessings Broadcasts Meant to You? We want to hear from you!

3 Responses

  1. Bishop Patterson was an inspiration to me…long before I knew of the influence of COGIC across the world. He preached sound doctrine and gave directions for Christian living. I am honored to continue to listen to Evangelist Louise Patterson on Sunday mornings and hear the Bishop’s sermons.
    Mother Patterson, my godson saw you in Florida and attempted to reach me by telephone so I could speak to you. How sorry I am that I missed that opportunity.

    We often hear of Heroes
    on the news at night,
    How someone went into a fire
    To save someone else’s life.
    But, there’s another hero
    that we never hear about,
    though her love and dedication
    were never a doubt.
    Often took for granted…
    Seldom glorified,
    Still she kept on going
    for the person that was by her side.
    She stood beside him everyday
    no matter what … was thrown their way,
    For he was called from above
    To spread the message of “GOD’S LOVE”.
    And just as he was called…
    She was hand picked too.
    For it takes someone Special
    to do what she must do.
    And thou he’s gone to Glory
    and may he rest in Jesus Name,
    She continues to stand for him in Love
    although things won’t be the same.
    She’s the person he turned to
    when he needed a friend;
    she was always there till the
    “Glorious End”.
    I would like to take this moment
    to say to you,
    a LOVELY unsung Hero
    for whom GOD hand-picked to spend her life as
    The Church most incredible Bishop’s Wife.

    Evangelist Louise D. Patterson,

    ~We Love You~

  3. Praise the Lord,
    I have been blessed to see and hear Bishop Patterson when I go to my parents home on Sunday mornings. My father who is also my pastor is 82 and is not actively pastoring at this time. He sometimes has trouble getting his thoughts together. But when he hears Bishop Patterson, I see the light followed by tears in his eyes. The holy spirit comes in and after the Bishop finishes preaching, my pastor takes over, and we have a time in that kitchen. I praise God for the simplicity of Bishop Patterson’s ministry. I pray for those who are instrumental in continuing the television ministry that you will continue on in the Lord. For as much as ye know your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

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