Bishop Clarence E. McClendon

Bishop Clarence E. McClendon preaching!

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  1. i am coming to as a frined of clarence e. mcclendon please leave him alone he is a good person .

  2. Where did that come from nothing negative has been said. This isn’t one of those sites!


  4. Jesus said they hated Him without a cause and if we live in Him as we should that we would experience the same things. They that live Godly in Christ would suffer persecution, but He overcame the world. He said that we should rejoice when men persecute/revile us and say all manner of evil things against us unjustly.
    So again I say, “Rejoice, Bishop McClendon because I believe you are in that number we all should be glad to be a part of today. It is easy to become well known and liked/lusted after, quicker to become a men & women pleaser, but those that love God our Father and His only begotten are never left or forsaken. They seem to glide to the forefront. You know why? HE PLACES THEM THERE! Behold, I have prepared a place for you –hint, hint.

  5. Holy greetings in the Name of Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I thank my heavenly Father, Lord God for my gift of love toward the mysteries of His kingdom here on earth. As a reader/lover of the Holy Bible and the Revelation chapter 3 verse 7 Church of Philadelphia. The precious Rescue Temple Church of God in Christ in Twinsburg, OH and the Honorable Ecclesia has the opportunity to rebuild an Edifice at 2011 Eton Street in Twinsburg, OH 44087. As Agent through the common law courts, this request to Bishop Clarence McClendon along with God heavenly grace. As it is certainly God’s will that opens and no man shuts. Please through pray as yours truly Sister in Christ does the same, let this temple be more glorious as the first.

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