The Conforming Church!

I read an interesting quote several days ago where it was stated that the church of today was more concerned with conformity than it is with righteousness. Is there more concern for conformity amongst our churches, denominations, fellowships, and reformations than there is for righteousness? Is there a we don’t care about what you do as long as you do it like us attitude in our church organizations? Romans 12 verse 2 states, “Be ye not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”. Are we fashioned after the systems of this world, or are we fashioned after the traditional modes and practices of religion?

Let’s stand for righteousness regardless of the consequences of doing so. Holiness is still right and when one stands for right in some of our organizations there is an overwhelming possibility that one can be painted as a rebel, but where would the church be if over the annals of time there were not rebels? Let’s call the Roll of Prominent Church Rebels-Martin Luther, Dr. Martin Luther King, John Wesley, Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson, William J. Seymour, The Apostle Paul, The Old Testament Prophets, The Disciples, and Jesus Christ! These great men changed the world and the church, but they were once painted as church rebels. Will we stand for righteousness or will we stand for the way that our church or organization has done things over the years?

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.

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  1. Think it not strange….of what is and what is to come when it comes to the “today” Church. Keep in rememberance that when the Lord makes his arrival on earth ..he clearly states he’s coming to the household of faith first. That tells me a whole lot. If judgement will start with the house hold of faith first, there must be something going on in the “house” that would cause our father to come home first! Instead of going to the sinner man on the street.

    Got a minute? Listen:…As teenagers (5 sisters), one day my mom called us on her way home from work, and it just so happens doing the same time the call came in to the house, is the same time , my sister and I were fighting and our chores and the rules mom and made known to us, was not being follow or done. (We were too busy disagreeing with one another and making our own rules) Mom asked, what in the world is going on in my house? Carolyn stated, that’s Jan and Linda fighting. Mom said, I was going to stop at the bank before coming home, but I see it’s necessary for me to come home first. You let them know, I’m on my way! Needless to say, my sister and I got our butt’s whipped when mom finally made her arrival “to the house” (smile) We both are better for it.

    Long Story Short:…..God brought this incident back to my memory, when I asked him why was judgement going to start with us first. The House Hold of Faith (The Church) (smile)
    He (God) went on to say: Janice, my daugther, I’m much like your mother. In my house I have laid out rules and guidelines, which I expect my children “in my house” to follow, because they represents me. When your mom made the phone call, I too have called home (church house) to my children and have found out there’s some figthing going on, and rules have not been follow that I have made known. So in like manner, it’s necessary that I come home first, instead of going to the highways and byways to compel the sinner man to come in, I’m coming home first! Note: Besides, I left orders, for you all to go into the highways and byways…sure hope to see you doing this Janice…..Jesus

    Just thought I share a little some…some with ya. (smile) Think It not Strange…
    Evangelist Janice Jackson….STL

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