Church Security Solutions?

What are we to do about Church Security? For the second time in about a month, there’s been a despicable crime carried out in one of our churches. American Churches are now having to come up with adequate church security solutions. The initial incident revolved around a Pastor’s Wife being cut during worship service with a boxcutter and requiring over 2000 stiches. The following story chronicles the murder of 3 individuals during a Worship Service in Missouri! Let’s get a grip and start brainstorming about adequate church security solutions!

News Story-3 Killed in Missouri Church

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  1. Church security is or should be a growing area of any ministry. I am the Director of security at Life Harvester Church in Fayetteville, AR and we are working to improve security in our church as well as educating other churches in the process. I attended the 2007 STOPPED conference in Grapevine, TX earlier this year that was hosted by the Potter’s House head of security Sean Smith. This conference was a tremendous help towards pointing us in the right direction. I am in the process of scheduling a smaller version of that conference and bringing in Sean and other police experts later this year at LHC. We believe that the church must operate in excellence in ALL areas in order to accomplish what God has for us to do.


  2. We are just getting focused on starting a security ministry at our church, any and all constructive feed-back is greatly needed.

  3. I’m the author of Security for Houses of Worship, The Complete Guide. More about this book is available at my website at

    I agree and urge all to undertand that acts of violence in every respects are growing against the Church community. Be proactive in understanding and implementing solid security programs is the best approach.

    Warm regards,

    Michael Hodge, CPP, JD

  4. Church security training and consulting is the mission of Savior Protection Ministries. Based out of Virginia, they continue to train minitries to raise up Security leaders and protective details from within the church.

    see more at:

  5. I have been the director of church security here in the Dayton area for the past 6 years. When I first put together a team, there was virtually no information available. About a month ago a friend and I stated to post items of interest to the church security community. We have listed a number of items such as recommended training, sample polices for the security team, medical team, incident reports, training videos on ASP batons, physical restraints, deadly force, low profile CCW and a presentation to the church management on why a team is needed. Please check it out.

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    We also have a Security Officer Down Memorial Page and offer many services and products to the public safety industry.
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