Bishop Noel Jones!

Bishop Noel Jones preaching at PAW Convention!

2 Responses

  1. I grew up PAW what a time we had…It’s good to see this. Any Tri-State Mass choir members out there? Esp. when Bishop Ellis was alive. Them conventions were on JAM! I’m sure they’re still are.

    Way to go PAW!

  2. Tri -State…did you say Tri-State…ooowwweeee you are bringing back some memories…PAW was and is the stuff.

    OMG, do you remember T.E.R.E.C. out of Columbus Ohio? One of PAW finest choirs ever. That choir was no joke! That song they sang “Everybody don’t know who Jesus Is. Forget it they would bring down the house with that!
    If anyone hear they are having a reunion at anytime please post. Pastor Hoke choir and T.E.R.E.C. would get together and EXPLODE the place. I would put them against any choir in the nation. OMG, the memories and times we had! Lawd, bring back the days of yea and nay! Old Greater Grace for the councils then off to eat at Denny’s on N.W. Hwy. LOLOLOL too funny!

    And who can forget Wheels. Gospel Skating for 8-2 on Friday nights, in about 11 would come Vickie Winans, The clark sisters, everybody that was anybody that attended some kind of tongue talking church was at skate night on Friday nights back when, then when it was over back to Denny’s….LOLOL to pack the place out. It didn’t matter one was PAW or COGIC or any other denomination we just had fun talking and laughing.

    What happen?

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