We Made It!

Courtney Franklin of Memphis,Tennessee sings, “We made It”!

Christianity 2.0 and Christianity 3.0!

The web has undergone many changes since the days of it’s infancy. The social networking revolution, otherwise known as Web 2.0 has changed the lives of many people worldwide. We all are now familiar with blogs, wikis, online videos, friends’ lists, and much of the new jargon that has been created by the social networking revolution. These changes have taught all of us the power of networks. Many online communities have brought about tangible change in our society. When will the church of Jesus Christ harness the power of these technological advancements?

The church should use some of these technological advancements to further the cause of Christ. We should forsake turning to the weekly Church Gossip Columns that litter the Christian Blogosphere! You know the ones that only bash other believers. Let’s use our time online to network and foster interaction between believers across the globe. The exchange of ideas that benefit the Kingdom of God, through the networking of believers on the Internet should be one of the church’sprimary goals . What works in Atlanta may just work in Memphis and vice versa. Let’s fulfill the Great Commission through Web 2.0 and the coming Web 3.0.

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

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Dr. Joel Gregory

Dr. Joel Gregory preaching, “A Visit to the Divine Optometrist”!

Pastor Maurice Watson

Pastor Maurice Watson preaching, “There is Purpose in My Pain”!

Great Christian YouTube Page!

Brotha Rollins has a great Christian YouTube page! He has 136 of the best Christian Video Clips!
Brotha Rollins YouTube Page 

Pastor Torrey Phillips

Pastor Torrey Phillips preaching!