Evangelist Louise D. Patterson

Evangelist Louise Patterson, the wife of the Late Bishop G. E. Patterson, is doing a great job of hosting The Bountiful Blessings Program. She is an incredible woman with presence, beauty, and The Holy Ghost! She was my First Lady for years during my time at Temple of Deliverance COGIC in Memphis,Tennessee. I am praying for her during her time of loss and I solicit the prayers of the Entire Church Community for her.I was proud to be a son of the ministry of Temple of Deliverance COGIC.

Sister Patterson represented Bishop Patterson well. She is currently embroiled in some COGIC matters that I will not discuss here, but I am shocked at the level of attack that she has even received from sons of Temple of Deliverance! How could these same individuals attack her, when they borrowed huge sums of money from her husband, and used her husband to get to where they wanted to be? Sister Patterson, I will always be grateful to you for sharing your husband with me! He was an incredible man, and a great father in the faith to many. How could we not honor the wife that this man chose to spend the majority of his life with? We love you Mother Lou!

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  1. All I have to say is that when you mess with a child of God, it’ll backfire! Be careful how treat a child of God. I will pray for Mother Patterson and Temple of Deliverance COGIC.

  2. I recently heard about the attacks and the position Bishop Maynard put her in over this past weekend to call the police. Packing up Bishop’s belongings and changing the locks were totally wrong all without her knowing.

    These people are attacking because I’m sure in their minds they think she stands alone having no children of her own. However, less we forget she has the Lord on her side. You don’t need anyone but, him. I’m not at all surprise by this because this is how many act. I hate she has to be the one to go through it at this time.

    What does has me concern is that I’ve been told she’s been sick for a while now. Do you know what’s wrong?

    I say to her continue to look to the Lord in everything. He has your back Sis. Lou and those in COGIC and not in COGIC love and support you.

    This saddens me big time.

  3. Call the police my foot. They would have been called to pick somebody up off the ground. How in the world can he just go and have Bishop’s belongings packed and then change the lock? Whatever, dude if you know these people that are attacking her are you talking to then on her behalf? I hope so, a son natural or spiritual would defend their parents. I know I would. The lady is still grieving they were together a million years and what in 4 months pack up!

    Were is the general board in all this? Can’t they step in until the new pastor officially take over. See, Funerals, weddings and money brings out the best in people.

    I pray her immediate family is sticking close, very close to her. She needs all the support she can get from them.

    That is flat out wrong.

  4. See, where are all those phony sons and daughters now? Oh daddy this and daddy that. Are they standing up on your behalf. Probably not. Typical…

    I agree with the other viewer, if the police were to be called, it would have been to recover a body. I’ll be… if a joker is going to step up on me and change my man’s things and pack it up when I’m over everything that was owned by my late husband! In the words of Whitney Houston “Hell to the nall” I’ve seen the pictures on the web and I was ready to throw down, I can only imagine how you must felt.

    All for a space, what about the space in that big old building? Better yet, study in your car if you have to, but violating you like that, was flat out wrong. It ain’t no two sides to this story! You are the story from now own and if they don’t like…close the book if you don’t want to read it.

    Sis. Patterson be careful of EVERYONE around you make all them jokers fill out an application as if they are applying for a new job boo. Make them start fresh act as if everybody is someone you just met. People think they can play you like a fiddler on the roof?, I’m telling you, flip the script on them. Don’t bow out, if you’re sick, pray, drink some tea take a asprin or something get yourself well and don’ t let anybody see you sweat . And don’t have them jokers in your house. Folks are plain nosey even the ones you’ve been knowing for years don’t take nothing and no one for granted. Most of the time they are just trying to see how your reacting so they can get they behinds on the phone and start talking. I

    You will get through this take as much time as YOU NEED don’t let nobody tell you how long to grieve. Move my stuff. What! ( I can’t believe that joker and his eimps) Ooohhh Lawd, I wish you were my moma, step moma, neighbor, sister, play aunt. lady at the grocery store or something , I just know you from watching t.v. It would have been a showdown with that one.

    And if yall ain’t defending her you need to be beat down too. That lady has been there forever standing by Bishop Patterson’s side now yall want to go crazy on her talking smack? Yeah, I show you crazy…I’m so mad. I can spit bricks right now…

    Sis. Patterson do yo thang as you always have!

    Got your back!

  5. Somebody, please come and pick me up off the floor on that last comment. Now, that’s funny! I’m dying laughing. Too bad we don’t have other’s like that being real.

    I can’t stop laughing!

    I hope Sis. Lou gets to read that. I’m sure that would make her day

  6. All of her sons are not cowards! Just remember that!

  7. Great, good to hear that…excused me for saying ALL…however, I am royally ticked off right about now…she does not deserve any of that from NOBODY…
    I see why she sings “Just another day” to keep from going off on a joker! that’s my version.

    Nice site by way!

  8. I just received a phone call from my friend telling me to read what Cindy wrote. I must agree that is too funny though. Where were you when I was going through a divorced? I should have hired you as my attorney.

    On a serious note, I must say that she makes some valid points. It’s sad but during certain situations you have to remove yourself and be careful of everyone. I really hate to hear that she is having to go through all this. However, I’m not surprised and neither am I worried. She will be okay and will learn a valuable lesson from it all to.

    Don’t lend any money, and yes like Cindy said be watchful of your surroundings and who you let get close to you. I’m sure your already doing that.

    Stay strong and Cindy thanks for being real…that was funny. You don’t play girlfriend!

    I hope she gets to read it too.

  9. I was reading about this on Thaddeus blog. Man on man…this is crazy…why are they doing all that. Sis. Lou isn’t going anywhere so deal with it and treat her with respect. I mean to change the locks and pack his things like that. Those pictures are horrible. I am in shock with you! anyone knows how she’s doing now?

  10. I saw her annoucing the broadcast today, and let me tell you she is not one to be “messed” with. Okay, she’s ready!

    Lawd, I about fell out of my chair on one part. When she had to find the right word to say. I know what she was feeling. That was funny…

    She is going to be just fine and you jokers that’s trying to diss her better watch out!

    Sis Lou. I heard you loud and clear.


  11. I feel just like the young lady. Somebody needs to kick Butt. Sis. Patterson is a very sweet a wonderful person. I am not COGIC but I am Pentecostal and do know church folks. My father was a pastor and when he died, the congregation went crazy. I don’t know what make folks react the way they do when a pastor dies. Our family went through a lot but God truly substained us. The worst folk in the world is Church folks and Kin Folks. They only love you when it benefits them. Finally death and divorce brings out the worst in people. Mother Lou, I am praying for you because you are a women of God. Remember what Bishop Patterson told you and that is “Louise, everybody that says they love you don’t.” Be careful! Remember that you have a whole army of folks praying and fasting on your behalf. In fact you have just as many non-COGIC as you do COGIC. Another fact is to watch COGIC because they are plain old jealous of you. I remember watching your husband’s program on TV on Sunday afternoon when I would come from my own church service. I’ve be a follower of the BB ministeries for over 20 years. When you all went back to COGIC, you all brought a lot to the plate. You all gave real class to COGIC. “May the blessing of the Lord be upon you always.”

  12. I totally feel as Cindy does and I’m COGIC! So, I’m going to continue to go to Church, especially pray, so I can handle these things better because right now I will w___ JM a__. I may live far and had to watch BB on tv but GEP will always be my #1 Bishop.

  13. It is my sincere prayer that this matter (Well You Have Heard By Now) will be resolved in the manner that Saints need to resolve a dispute. I love Sister Patterson and it would be wrong for me to tell the world that Bishop Maynard hasn’t shown me favor on more than one occasion. The world is loving to see this situation brewing. I am praying that this matter will be resolved promptly. Our national church doesn’t need this at this particular time. Bishop Patterson’s legacy can’t be separated from the person of Mother Louise Patterson, who affected his legacy in many positive ways over the years! The recent appointment of Supt. Milton Hawkins as Pastor of Temple of Deliverance by Bishop Maynard, will help to defuse this situation some. Bishop Maynard as the Jurisdictional Bishop will continue to oversee Tennessee 4th and we definitely need all of the foregoing individuals on the same page. Pastor Hawkins has my prayers as he will soon lead one of the greatest churches in the world. The Bountiful Blessings Broadcast will continue to thrive and it will also produce many invitations to speak and preach for Mother Louise Patterson who will continue to walk and talk as the Classy Saint that she is! She is now a respected Mother in Zion for the entire Body of Christ. That may not be the answer that some wanted to hear, but I am one that wholeheartedly believes that the righteous will always be vindicated! Our God is a Time-Tested God who will not see the righteous forsaken! I am earnestly praying for the Saints and the new levels that God has destined for us!

  14. OK! Pastor Smith. We all need to be on the same page with Maynard! Is that what you said? Picture That! Maybe he showed you favor many times but he really showed his favor when he put my Bishops personal belongs in a crumbled MACY’s bag. USPS crates! Come on! Right now, I can not see myself in the same library with Maynard.

  15. Michelle, I am not saying that. I am saying that all of our leaders need to be on the same page. This is a time of transition in our national church and we can ill afford to have battles going on all over the place in our national church. We have enough drama going on already. I don’t think there are many people that truly loved Bishop Patterson, as I did no matter what you hear. I loved the man and his wife and I was not there for the fishes and the loaves and “I never asked for any also”. Let’s move forward and I still believe that God settles scores and the truly righteous will be vindicated by him. God always has a way of certifying his own. I would have given my life for Bishop Patterson because I loved him for being my man of God and I admired the Godly lifestyle that he exhibited even in private. The Temple will march on and Sister Patterson will be requested all over the world to just share insight from living with such an incredible man! Michelle, God will settle this matter!

  16. Thank God, God will settle this! LEADERS should watch there actions. There are MILLIONS listening & watching. THIS IS SHOCKING! I see why Steve Harvey say; DON’T TRIP, GOD IS NOT THROUGH WITH ME YET! This goes across the board. GOD BLESS

  17. I am having a hard time with this one. If Bishop Patterson could come back he would strip all these people of their “titles”. This is crazy. I think they should have made Mother Patterson the pastor, I know she would have done a wonderful job. Politics has no place in the church. I feel Bishop Maynard wanted the Church for himself, but he knew that would not be accepted. I am just sitting here thinking about the funeral how Bishop Maynard sat by her side and the whole time he was coming up with his own plans. I feel that Bishop Blake should have stepped in. But I know he does not want to kick up to much dust because 2008 is an election year and he wants to remain Presiding Bishop. I didn’t say he wasnt qualified, but he does want to keep the title.

  18. I agree with you Johnathan. I don’t know very much about Mother Patterson, but I think she would make a great pastor. From what I understand, after Bishop Patterson died she kept that church flowing. She is a strong pillar in the church, and thats what it takes in these last days. We need men and women standing up in the field like she does. I hate the incident that happened between Bishop Maynard and her, but when people get in flesh disaster is bound to happen. I just pray that God’s perfect will be done. God bless.

  19. Pastor Smith, What do you think about Mother Patterson being the pastor?

  20. Mother Patterson should be treated with respect. What I cannot understand is how did Bishop Maynard feel so confident and comfortable touching Bishop Patterson’s stuff in the first place. Where is the respect for the man whom you said you loved? Where is that love now? I guess in the grave because he loved you and you didn’t love him. Bishop Blake should have handle this publicly. Open rebuke is good for the soul. Bishop Maynard should have been rebuked openly for his deeds. When you handle things the way the bible says and not the political way then people will know that you are a man of God. Bishop Blake should not have any worries about being reelected as Presiding Bishop. As you see on Youtube Bishop Haynes has about 75 to 100 people in his church if that. Search Saintsville or COGIC on Youtube and hit the recent added video button. You will see a lot of empty sets in Bishop Haynes’s church. How can you lead the national church when you can’t even fill up your own local church? Where type of example would that be for other pastors who are making an impact in their communities. I am tired of the politics in the church lets get back to Holiness.

    Back to Bishop Maynard now…Bishop Maynard needs to go back to Nashville and assist TOD from his own church. Temple of Deliverance has enough Elders and a Board of Directors they can hold it down on their own. Known of this would have happened in first place if stayed in Nashville. God is not the author of Confusion. Bishop Maynard went done there and I don’t believe God was in that at all. Pastor Milton should be transitioning in now and not wait until Sept. The only reason it is taken so long because of the money that Bishop Maynard likes getting as Interim-Pastor. I know the truth hurts. Put its right. I beat if they told him he was not going to get paid anymore he wouldn’t be going down there. Money is a motivator. Even to a Bishop….Mother Pastor is the Co-Founder of TOD and should be respected as such and should still sit where she is sitting in the pulpit. She should not be treated any different because her husband has gone home to be with the Lord. Every pastor needs to take this as a lesson learned. Have your business in order before you leave this place because when you are gone people are going to do what they want too. There is corruption all over and what we need is some different faces on the General Board. I have my picks wait until my next posting. Be Bless All!

  21. Cindy, Michelle, I feel you 200% on your points and Jonathan as well. I just feel like he bamboozled her literally in her grief. What a way to kick a person. Then Jonathan as you said, sitting by her during the services, I can’t even view the pictures of the funeral the same. Was he called out on the carpet by his authorties? Come on now, you say we need to be on the same page, however, Sis Lou and TOD is owed an apology! That church was packed with people and many viewed that funeral on t.v and the web. Saved and unsaved now many people know about this all over the place saved and unsaved. There should be a apology given to her and the church.

    That’s showing maturity don’t you think? Esp since this is the church and all eyes are on this. The pictures proved this was done as a slap in the face. This is supposed to be your best friend and he’s not even deserving of boxes, bubble wrap and tape? That mess looked like an eviction being done. There were many other spaces like Cindy said that could have been used. Not everyone that meets with the President of the United States goes to the oval office. Many people did not frequent that office of Bishop’s that was his private space and to treat it like trash and send Sis. Lou a letter saying whether you approve or not the office is being packed up.

    We are quick to say don’t listen to the world look to the church, well, I agree with Michelle, Steve Harvey does make more sense than we give him credit for. It doesn’t take a mad scientist to realize this was just plain WRONG.

    An apology is owed..

  22. I respect your opinions and I have to admit that I was somewhat reticent to post the last comment above. Bishop Maynard and Sister Patterson being on the same page is my hope and the answer to my prayers. They both have brilliant minds and both of them are valuable to the Kingdom at this time. People love to watch a fight, even a church fight. However; our desire should not be to witness The Main Event, but our desire should be to advance the Kingdom. I trust God and him alone to do the vindicating in this situation!

  23. As I stated before people have different opinions and that doesn’t mean that every one wants to see a fight. If people arent’ free to voice their opinions then NOTHING should be said at all. Rather just pray and leave it ALL alone. That’s what I mean by just proving my point. To take someone post off because you don’t approved don’t mean that people are wrong in responding to what you apparently feel how Sis. Lou has been wrong also.

  24. Dear COGIC members,

    Give it a rest already!!! Stop airing the laundry where all can see. Whatever problems you are having should be taken care of in-house. It is not strange to have differences of opinion in a time of transition but it is strange to see people I have admired over the years to relegate this great faith into a common street brawl. STOP DOING THIS AND REMEMBER THE BISHOP’S POWERFUL SERMONS! Listen to the new sermons coming from COGIC’S FINE BISHOPS, PASTORS AND ELDERS.
    Don’t tarnish a great legacy with all of the snide remarks. Youa re greater than that!

  25. Thanks I agree with you. The laundry is out of so many websites that I wanted to help pray fro all parties involved. I believe that God will do the vindicating. However; there are so many people frustrated with the just be quiet and let the grown people handle their business attitudes. This leads many to become disillusioned and then it leads many to leave the church period. I am a member of a prominent denomination that has a great challenge in surviving in a Post Moden Era. Some of these posts are not from COGIC members, but a whole lot of them are. Mother Louise Patterson was the wife of an icon that America truly loved, so it is no shock that many would rush to her aid, when they think that she has been wronged. It was my choice to start these posts, because I was totaaly shocked that even some of the sons of Bishop Patterson took verbal shots at her. I love Mother Patterson and I have had Bishop Maynard go to bat for me on more than one occasion. In the Internet era, going behind closed doors to solve a problem, will anger many. This matter has made it to secular blogs that don’t give a hoot about our church, nor the parties involved. I love our church and I am praying that these matters will be resolved quickly!

  26. I am in shocked at ALL of this. There are some websites that will leave you in dis belief and not everyone that is saying things are of the world either. This goes to show you be very careful what goes on in your house and leave it there and settle the matter at all cost quietly. Once it hits the World Wide Web it goes to another level. I pray this will calm down very fast this is leaving a bad name on the church.

  27. I agree with your sentiments, yet I believe that the people of God are sheep and not cattle to be herded. I believe that the so-called little man has a right to express his or her opinion. Many times in Denominational Settings, noone respects the opinion of the little man or woman until the little man or woman’s help is needed to achieve the goals of leadership. I am feezing this post and from this point on I will only allow comments of those who support both sides moving on after this point. I apologize if you were offended, but from the tone of these posts there are many who were offended by these actions! This entire situation was regretable and should have never happened! That’s my take on this whole situation!

  28. Sunday,Aug 5th, I was watching BB today and Sis. Lou looks fragile and looks like she’s losing weight. Is she ok. I know she’s still adjusting to everything but, she didn’t look all that well to me.

    Just concern

  29. Pastor Smith,

    Can you find out directly from Sis. lou how she’s doing and let us know. Since she’s a spiritual mom to you. Calling the church and speaking to them rude people is discouraging. I would love to send her a thinking about you card with flowers. However, it’s impossible to speak with them without losing it. I’m sure many other’s want to know how’s she doing as well (for real). I agree she does not look all that well to me either. She is a wonderful person and so many as I love her and want to let her know


  30. It’s great that you all are concerned about Mother Patterson. Please pray for her, I am sure that she is fine. She is a strong sister! Be Blessed!

  31. I’m going to call myself because I was wondering the same thing. If I find out anything I will let you know. Of course were all praying for her that’s no doubt. However, Tina I will back with you or give you the address if you want to send a card or flowers. I understand what and your concern.


  32. I was watching Madea’s family reunion. Ms. Tyson says this in aart of the movie and I can see Mother Patterson saying this as well, tell me if you would agree.

    “I have had the opportunity that few people get to experience on this earth. I have shared time and space with a man that God designed just for me. Not only have I been blessed, but I have been divinely favored”.

    Everytime I hear that I think of Mother Patterson, it gives me the chills.

  33. in a part…is what I meant to type

  34. Yes, how fitting. I have to watch out for that particular part when I watch it again, but that is so fitting for Mother Patterson. Bless Her.

    Does anyone know how they’re doing? Is Pastor Hawkins there full time now?

  35. Evangelist Patterson looked wonderful today. She was beautiful in her yellow and looked like she is getting the rest she needs. Continue to pray for her, she looked so well. Commericial Appeal also presented an award in honor of Bishop. We miss him so much. The new first lady brought the message today.

  36. I am not surprize what people do any more church or other wise. people that have no God in them they are subject to do any thing. No discipline no respect no nothing just do what ever the hell they want and try to justify it with scripture. Life is like a boomarange when you throw it out there it will come right back at you. any other words you will reap what you sow. I pray for the peace of God to Stay with Mother Patterson in everything she do keep her health. Bishop Patterson was and still is my mentor and i will continue to follow his teaching and try my best to live a Godly life such as he did. As for the SO CALLED BISHOP I HOPE HE REPENT AND GET SAVE TAKE THOSE VESTMENT OFF AND GET AT THAT ALTE R AND TARRY UNTIL HE GET THE HOLY GHOST

  37. The problem with the church today worldwide is that the majority fo the leaders and elders are not filled with the precious HOLY GHOST. They were assigned positions as mother, missionary , pastor, deacon and all other titles by there friends and family. The church needs to let God choose and appoint postions. That means they need to struggle and be qualifed and ordained by God not man. Lets go back to the old time way. This new church stuff is draining all the anoiting from the church. Im sure Bishop C.H. Mason would not like all these worldly things that we have going on in the church. Please young people seek for the old path, because our church is headed the wrong direction by some of our leaders who are hungry for wealth and a mega church. Pray , Pray , Pray.

  38. I posted your comment, and while I agree that today’s church has many challenges I would not infer that either party here doesn’t have the Holy Ghost! Louis Patterson definitely has the Holy Ghost, she has been in the “Way of Holiness” for quite a while, and I know her life! Your point does have some points that we need to heed!

  39. I am yet praying for Louis Patterson. What she is going through; she will with the help of God come out. We know that no weapon formed against her will prosper… Those who are doing her wrong; they will pay for it. How can you wait for Bishop to go on to his reward and then treat her as such. It is no surprise what she is encountering with those in the church. I too after 18 years of serving at my church; I too was kicked to the curb not by just any one (I will not say by who for their good). What man kick to the curb God will pick up dust them off and then shine them. Be strong Mother Patterson; God’s got your back.

  40. I am hoping I can get the lyrics to the song Sis Patterson sung Just Another Day the Lord has Blessed or Kept Me. I have looked many places and no one seems to have it. I loved the song when I heard it on a cd that the Bishop had recorded some time ago about singing the old time way. I do not know the name of the cd. Please help me if you can.

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