Preach Stephen.Com Mourns the Passing of Joan Golden!

Preach Stephen.Com Mourns the Passing of Joan Golden! She was a prominent gospel radio announcer for AM 1340-WLOK in Memphis,Tennessee that went by the name, “The Golden Girl” .

AM 1340-WLOK 

Hold My Mouse, While I Give God Some Praise!

I’m Sorry but Please Hold My Mouse Again!

Throwback Friday!

Here’s a throwback from Yester Year! Bishop Norman Wagner and his choir with assistance from Vicki Winans and Marvin Winans sing In the Name of Jesus!

Preach Stephen.Com Salutes Black Dreamers.Com!

Preach Stephen.Com Salutes Black Dreamers.Com!

Black Dreamers.Com 

Old School Church!

Old School Church!

Hang On in There!

Hang On in There! Don’t Give up!

The Solid Rock!

Jesus is the Solid Rock!