The Late Rev. Roy Young

The Late Rev. Roy Young was an incredible singer. He is singing at home in this clip!


5 Responses

  1. Pastor, Roy Young was a remarkable young man singer and preacher. We miss him dearly.

  2. man what a song and a voice really made me think of my life here on earth thanks for posting it really made me cry and look over my life i really want to thanks for it=may god bless everyone that see it

  3. I was so blessed to grow up in the Memphis area and was alway’s awestruck whenever Rev. Roy Young was on any program . He sang before and after each firey sermon and he started so young. He sang from the bottom of his heart and the depths of his soul ; you could just feel it. He gave God the very best of his talent’s and never held back. What a treasure. Blessings to his beloved bride and the children.

  4. Rev Roy Young was my friend when I was stationed in Millington Naval Base back in the late 80’s… He showed me that faith is the most important thing to have… I took that to heart and still is in my prayers every day… Rev Roy Young blessed me before I went over seas for the Iraq/Kuwait war after leaving Millington Naval Base… We kept in touch through letters and phone calls… I’m now out of the Navy and living in Washington DC… I was Googling names and I’m just learning of his passing… His family is forever in my prayers, and if I can be of any assistance with anything, you can get in touch with me:


  5. I never had the privilege of hearing the late Pastor Young preach or sing. I had heard how great he was, but hearing him on you tube was over whelming. I truly hope that he has some recordings out and please where can I get them? Whatever sermons or songs anyone has of Pastor Young they need to be recorded as well. Many Blessings to his family.

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