Do Women Have the Right to Preach?

Do Women Have the Right to Preach? I don’t have a problem with female preachers and just saying that causes one to experience some of the greatest onslaughts that one can find. God has many anointed ladies that can preach and teach as good as most men. Typically, women are prepared in their messages and less likely than most men to wing it. It is time out for Solidiers in the Army of the Lord to be targeted by friendly fire! Isn’t it amazing that there are churches that will not allow women to speak from the pulpit, yet they will allow sinful politicians that are not living anything to speak from these same pulpits each election season? Things that make you say Hmm! Would the church be the same without the input of women?

4 Responses

  1. Stephen, I don’t believe the question is whether women can preach the Gospel. I believe Scripture frames the question as whether women should be in leadership of the local church as pastor/elder. The Bible NEVER says that women cannot preach the Gospel. It simply disqualifies them from the role of shepherd. Those are two entirely different questions that are being muddled here.

  2. Gary, first of all thanks for the gracious manner that you posted this. I have not had this type of post from those of you from other places on the web! I posted this because there seems to be a tremendous effort to refute female preachers by using the Scriptures. The scriptures are used as the basis for refuting female preachers, while the masses that refute female preachers overlook huge portions of the scriptures on countless other subjects. Can a Women Preach? This shouldn’t be the Question of the Hour, or the battlecry of an army that is fighting an enemy that is seeking to destroy us all. Why are we soft on so many other positions in the church, except when it comes to women? Why are men consistently allowed to lead after giving birth to a major part of their children’s choir, all by multiple women? Should a Godly woman suffer just because of her sex? My denomination does not ordain women, yet I can boldly say that if I was just a member in the pews, I would rather sit under the teaching and preaching of a Godly Woman rather than sitting under a great preaching man that is engulfed in Sin of all shapes, sizes, and colors! Sins in the pulpit by men virtually never disqualify men from any of the 5-Fold Offices, but just being a woman does discredit women from these offices in the eyes of many. Well, I personally don’t agree with that kind of thinking. Thanks again Gary, but I will open up this forum on this one for the viewpoints of others!
    Respectfully Submitted,
    Pastor Stephen F. Smith

  3. This is another issue to keep the faith community divided. How many victims of a fire would reject the help of the fire department because of a woman fire-fighter or refuse the help of a woman life-guard to prevent a drowning or a woman para-medic in a life-threatening crisis? Salvation is in need of as many as will answer the call. Preaching is a Divine calling and therefore the Caller reserves the right to ” Call Whom He Would”. The majority of the objection comes from other fire-men, life-guards and para-medics, not those who are in need of rescue. If I am error in endorsing this position, I’d rather err on the side of love and compassion than on the side of the prohibiting of any-one from exercising their God-given Gifts and Callings to the Preaching or any other Faith Ministry of which I my-self am a recipient.

  4. Preach my Brother!

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