Watch Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake Tonight!

Watch COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake deliver his first message as Presiding Bishop in a COGIC National Meeting! He will deliver the Official Address at the 57th COGIC Women’s Convention on Friday Night June 1, 2008 at 7:30 Central Time!

Watch Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake Here-Live Webcast

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  1. Presiding Bishop Charles & Lady Mae Blake,

    I, along with all whom I shared, was tremendously blessed by Lady Blake on Friday night of the International Women’s Convetnion. Lady Blake warmed our hearts and so endeared us to her through her address to the entire assembly. She spoke so beautifully and elequently and caused us to fall in love with her. She made an awesome and lasting impression upon all of us as she so skillfully expressed her heartfelt tributes to our leaders and especially her introduction of her husband, Bishop
    Blake. I, personally, did not know Lady Blake, only from afar; but her beauty, her warmth and love made all of who did not already know her, feel like we were special in her heart.

    I have heard Bishop Blake speak on a few occasions and have always enjoyed him, but on that Friday night it seemed that God allowed him to reach into our hearts, read our petitions and brought healing and joy to our spirits and minds. Truly, God gave him the Word for His people and he delivered it–hot of the press!! We were absolutely, tremendously blessed. We left the convention talking about it and are still feasting upon it. Thank you Bishop Lady and Blake. We are praying for you, your family and for God’s will to be done in this church.

    Ena M. Prioleau (Wife of Pastor William A. Prioleau)
    Evening of Prayer COGIC
    2361 Spruill Avenue
    Charleston, SC 29415

    Mailing Add:
    P. O. Box 70924
    Charleston, SC 29415

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