Rev. G. Craige Lewis

Rev. G. Craige Lewis and his Ex Ministries has led a virtual one man crusade against Hip Hop! Enjoy these 4 clips!

2 Responses

  1. “‘Do not go about spreading slander among your people… “ Leviticus 19:16

    This man has certainly not done his homework. With regard to hip hop…he seems to make it up as he goes along. The reason he gets ways with his lies, most notably about the beginnings of Hip Hop, is because many black church followers don’t know anything about hip hop as a musical genre. They are just blindly believing this man just like they blindly give their rent money as a “seed” to try to pimp Jesus to try to reach their “destiny” (Standing in $100 lines when Bynum, Jakes, and Paula White come through).

    – In the G Craige’s video, Behind Hip Hop he plays a clip from Underground DJ Danger Mouse’s Gray Album, he mixed a a’ccapella version of Jay-Z’s The Black Album and the Beatles’ The White Album. If you play the track Interlude normally it makes no sense; however, when played backwards it includes the lyrics “666…, Murder, Murder, Jesus”. The track was made to be played backwards, and DJ Danger Mouse simply samples Jay-Z’s voice and edits it to make him say what he wants. The album is not made or endorsed by Jay-Z, yet Lewis does not make this clear. Isn’t that lying, good minister Lewis????

    – “Craige stated that GMA (Gospel Music Association) stands for “Gay Men With AIDS”” in a December broadcast of his EX-Cast

    – His contention is that “holy hip-hop” is an oxymoron because, according to him, hip-hop culture is a false religion that was spawned by Afrika Bambaataa and KRS One. This is patently absurd. It is common knowledge that DJ Kool Herc is largely credited as the “father of hip-hop”. But of course…if you aren’t a lover of or listener to HIP HOP…you don’t know that. here you’ll find more info on how wrong Lewis is about hip hop.

  2. ok man i get u and wht u trina say.yes, maybe lewis did not get all his facts straight maybe he did. i dont know. but can u justify snoop doggs story, can u justify lilwaynes lyrics, backwards, including his new songs. man human nature is to do bad and we will definitely find ways of downsizing the truth-tell me dat deep down you dont have your resentments about some hiphop. listen to other songs by jayz backwards. This is what i think…

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