Final Respects for Bishop G. E. Patterson

Here’s a video clip of the funeral services of the late Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson! This is an awesome clip of the final respects for the Prince of Preachers!

5 Responses

  1. I thank God for Bishop G. E. Patterson. We met in 1981 outside the Salvation Army (where he had been holding revivals for several months. At that time, while waiting for my husband who was an alcoholic at the time. I told him how my husband watched him on t.v. and had declared “Now that’s a PREACHER”. If he had a church here I would join! Apostle ( he was called at that time) smiled and laughed in his unque way and said “go tell your husband he has but a few weeks”. You would have thought Heaven had opened up and sucked me in. I did just that. At first he held back, but God allowed him to become ill and had to be hospitalized. A week later he declared he had no more taste for alcohol and cigarettes! In one day he gave them up and on Mother’s Day 1981 gave his life to God during the service at the A. Stevenson building on Grandriver in Detroit. We became members of the Bountiful Blessings church here in Detroit. Through G. E. Patterson our lives were changed! God moved my husband from a pew member to the Deacon Board, to a minister, to an Elder and now to an Associate Pastor of Faith Clinic C.O.G.I.C. (Superintendent Zachary N. Hicks is Pastor(. I am blessed to be a Missionary and on the Mother’s Board. Look where God has brought us from. I thank God for the Life of Bishop Patterson. We love him and his Wife Louise Patterson. Also, we are praying for her strength.
    To God be the Glory,
    Elder Arlie Walton Jr. & Mother Carolyn Walton

  2. I recall numerous, sleepless late nights when I’d turn on my television and see Bishop Patterson. I was always encouraged and inspired.
    I offer my condolences to Mother Patterson and family, as well as to those under his pastorship.
    I will always regret never having the opportunity to see this great man of God in person.

  3. well my name is lamont and i was just stoping by to say i love bishop

  4. Bishop and Sister Patterson really nurtured me during my time at TOD. They were genuinely concerned about my well being and personal growth. In such a Mega Ministry the took time for me and was available EVERY time I needed them. Although I had common sense not to nag them they would still individually check on me or inquire about me if I was not at church. What a Man, Were blessed to still have Sister Lou and I pray that she remains with us for many years to come. I desire to be at her 100th Birthday Celebration looking as well as she does today.

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