This is Just the Church of God in Christ

Bishop J. N. Haynes of Texas lets the crowd at the National Homegoing Service of  Bishop G. E. Patterson know that This is Just the Church of God in Christ. Yes we are a spirited bunch. We have a marvelous legacy and we are embracing a marvelous future.

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  1. Thats my Pastor of Saintsville C.O.G.I.C. Dallas Texas, I am so proud to be a member of the C.O.G.I.C.
    Praise the Lord

  2. I am proud to have Bishop Haynes for being the first COGIC minister since I left the Baptist Church 25 years ago

  3. bishop pattersons wife is very beautiful, this is my first time really ever knowing who she was. thank her for allowing us to share in on this services you posted. our world will neverever be the same without bishop patterson. i kind of believe outside of your congregation women had abetter appresiation for this great ministrie. feed under the anointing. i hear so many men say well he’s gone . but i don’t want him to be. we need anointed folk to hear from God like he did. thank you! for letting me share.

  4. My God, this man have a lot experience in what he believes in. I was so sorry Bishop G.E. passed away and wonder if we would have a strong leader to replace the man of God. I’ve never heard Bishop Haynes speak. HE GOT THIS CHURCH ALL TUNED IN. I was told if I wanted to know a little bit about our General Board members to tune into this website. I understand Bishop Haynes is one of the candidates for the Presiding Bishop of COGIC. He got my vote. Does anyone on this site, know the name of Bishop Haynes Church in Dallas. I am having a hard time finding.

  5. Opps, I didn’t see the name from Ms. Carroll. Is the Church name Saintsville, or is that some type of district name. Please respond.

  6. Bishop Haynes held that position at the time of this clip. He has since been replaced in that position by Bishop P. A. Brooks. The Presiding Bishop chooses who his first and second assistants will be. This usually changes with each new admnistation.

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