Darryl Coley

Darryl Coley is a singer that is virtually without peer! Enjoy these clips of his singing!

Have a Blessed Mothers Day!

Preach Stephen.Com wishes a Blessed Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mothers in our land and beyond. May the Lord richly reward your sometimes thankless work. God has blessed so many of us with wonderful mothers! God Bless the Mothers of the World!

Pray for Our Nation’s Political Leaders!

Preach Stephen.Com is praying for our President, George W. Bush, and the members of our two national legislative bodies who are grappling with many troubling issues. We are calling for prayer for all of our political leaders who need wisdom to make the tough decisions that are necessary on a daily basis. May God richly favor our land with leaders of discernment, action, and goodwill. We should always pray for our leaders regardless of our political affiliations.

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.

Bishop Joseph Walker

Bishop Joseph Walker had such strong words at the Memorial Services for the late Bishop G. E. Patterson. This was an awesome word of comfort. It’s Wriiten in the Script!

Let’s Go to Church!

We are showing the clip, Let’s Go to Church, courtesy of Preach Steve.Com.

Preach Dorinda!

Dorinda Clark Cole is preaching with power in these clips!

Pastor R. A. Vernon

Pastor R. A. Vernon pastors The Word Church which is located in Cleveland, Ohio. His church is growing by leaps and bounds. Enjoy these clips!