Giving into the Kingdom!

I have seen several posts by others on the subject of tithing and giving.  What are your thoughts on giving the first fruit of your increase to God?

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  1. tithing is a mandate from God with great promises….tithing measures your love-faith and obedience towards God…i’ve tithe faithfully to God since 1982 and God has tremendously and bountifully blessed my personal life in the natural realm as well as spiritually…my offerings has just about matched my tithes and God has so enriched my life in the total fulfillment of my life….i cannot imagine in my mind robbing God…even when my life has been low spiritually i yet never thought to not tithe…the tenth do not belong to me or YOU under any circumstance.i have witnessed the poverty and shame come to those that won’t tithe; even those that don’t profess to be christians…ALL people are to tithe…God rain and set His sun to set on the JUST and the UNJUST…give to God what is due HIM!!!

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