Eulogy of Rev. C. L. Franklin

This is old-school church. Pastor Jasper Williams Jr. preaches the eulogy of Rev. C. L. Franklin, who was the father of Aretha Franklin. This is definitely old school church.

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  1. please send this to my e-mail, do what you can to make it much clearer. i understand thats it is old

  2. oh my god! ive always wanted to see this;who wouldve thought it was on video.can you send this to my e-mail please…do you have any more old footage,leo daniels ect.? thanks ray

  3. I am sorry for the typing error.

  4. Thanks for the video of Rev. C. L. Franklin’s eulogy. My dad used to listen to his sermons, I used to stay up until mid-night with him. My dad passed away in 1969, he would have been 130 years old or more if still living. Both Rev. Jasper Williams and the late Rev. C. L. Franklin are still two of my favorite.

  5. Rev. Williams if u read this i just want to say i desire to preach li9ke that. u are one gifted preacher.

  6. Praise God!

  7. OMG!!!!…..I so grew up listening to this incredible man’s sermon…..Is there any sight I can go to buy his cd’s..(I know it’s way old, so I’ll buy a tape player if I have to..)…I know about Rev. C.L. Franklin and Rev. Leo Daniels….This would be a great present to give to me father who’s also a minister…

    Please contact me!!!!….I still love listening to his sermons whenever I can hear him…

    P.S. Nothing wrong with “ole time church”..LOL

  8. I love to hear great preaching, and that sermon was so electrifying, it gives me chills every time I listen to it.If by chance, is there any site I can go to, to find the sermon called A Showdown at Mt Carmel, by Jasper Williams.

    Please contact me Asap

  9. truly this sermon have blessed me in my ministry. I’ve received strength and encouragement in the midst of these trying times in the midst of persecution, trials, and tribulations….i have been going through test, trials, but thank God for this powerful message

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