Pastor Nathan Simmons

Pastor Nathan Simmons who some called Prophet Nathan Simmons will be greatly missed. Here is a clip from his funeral service.

God is in Control

God is in control! No matter what the obstacles in your life may be. God is still in control!

Jesus Can Work it Out!

Dr. Charles G. Hayes and the Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer Choir sings Jesus Can Work it Out. Jesus can work out whatever the situation that you are struggling with in your life!

Eulogy of Rev. C. L. Franklin

This is old-school church. Pastor Jasper Williams Jr. preaches the eulogy of Rev. C. L. Franklin, who was the father of Aretha Franklin. This is definitely old school church.

Preach Steve.Com

Preach Steve.Com  has had over 50,000 views of it’s video clips since it’s launch late last year!

Giving into the Kingdom!

I have seen several posts by others on the subject of tithing and giving.  What are your thoughts on giving the first fruit of your increase to God?

Kim Burrell

Kim Burrell sings Is My Living in Vain. Saint of God stay steadfast, unmoveable, and always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labor is not vain in the Lord.