Divine Healing

God is still in the healing business. The same God who heal on yesterday is the same God who will heal on today and tommorow.  Preach Stephen.Com will post an assault on the kingdom of the enemy who seeks to torment our bodies for the next two weeks.  The enemy’s assaults are leaving so many members of the Body with so many serious ailments. Do you need a healing in your body? We don’t need you name you can post anonymously. Just send us what area of your body you are seeking prayer for.

One Response

  1. yes i know God is a divine healer but,sometime i need someone to pray with me.i am going throught the fire now. but,in due time God is going to bring me out. if you all have a pray list please put me on it. I need all the help i can get. To fight back these different sprits,the Bible saysto pray for one another. The job is very hard here in crawfordville Georgia but, I have to still pray and love everyone.I alway watch Bishop G.E. Patterson,my God still bless your church.God is still there, you have to go on in the name of Jesus Christ.Stay in the word. and every thing will be all right.(please pray for healing for my right foot)my God keeping this church. and if anything I can do just let me know Evangelist patricia Wynn.

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