Bishop G. E. Patterson Leaves a Great Legacy!

The Following Appeared in The Commercial Appeal on Friday March 23, 2007

Bishop G. E. Patterson, that’s Gilbert Earl Patterson, was simply a class act! He was an individual who pursued his goals with everything that he had. I remember being amazed whenever he would publicly state the great things that our church would accomplish in the days to come. Many times at the very inception of a project he would tell many people how a particular project would be an overwhelming success. His predictions would come to pass time after time.

He was my pastor for nearly 10 years. I gleaned from him every chance that I could. He could say more in a 30-second motivational nugget than many individuals could say in a series of speeches. He was definitely a visionary, as the headline on your March 21 article about his death boldly proclaimed.

My greatest memory was a closed-door meeting in 1998 with perhaps the greatest person in the Christian world. I had encountered a problem with others concerning my elevation in the church. Bishop Patterson addressed my problem with the following statement: “Minister Smith, I have noticed over time that God always has a way of certifying his own.” These were words from a man who had lost the race for presiding bishop by one vote in 1996 that he should rightfully have won. His concern for The Church of God in Christ was greater than his personal ambitions. He was an icon in every sense of the word.

Bishop Patterson’s diligence and hard work are a testament to the great legacy that he is leaving so many individuals. He was simply a man without a Plan B. It is my prayer that he can contain his excitement when he hears the hallowed words: “Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.”

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.

3 Responses

  1. Bishop Patterson was such an inspiration to my mother and me and pretty much the only TV minister worth watching. We are baptists but it didn’t matter, Bishop Patterson preached the gospel of Jesus Christ. He leaves a great void in television ministry. We will pray that God will keep his family and the church in His perfect peace.

  2. This was truly a great leader. As a graduate student I had to leave the city and move to Nashville Tn. Every time he would visit Bishop Maynard’s church I would come by to hear him speak and greet him. Now I considered my self as insignificant but not so as far as he and Sister Patterson was concerned. He would be in the pull pit waving and getting my attention. Even in as an undergradute student he would get on me for missing church. Now remember Bountiful Blessings has at least 12,000 active members. It would seem as the loss of a member would not be a concern. This man took his job as a Pastor as serious as that of Presiding Bishop. God bless his memory and his wife who always say this about her husband “Never a dull moment with him” and “That man never cease to amaze me” All I could ever say was PREACH BISHOP!!!

  3. Wow! I have gone online and downloaded whatever I could find with him singing and preaching. Truely, his messages and music are worth having in my library. I listen all of the time. Just to hear his voice is like listening to a shepherd gently calling his sheep to remind each one of us that he still left his love in our hearts, minds and spirits. If we live our lives according to the Word of God, which he preached diligently, we shall see him again. What a wonderfulday that will be.

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