Women Preachers?

I took a beating on another website for endorsing Dr. Jackie McCullough. This website is full of self-apointed prophets and better than thou bishops who find fault with anything, and there is virtually noone who can ever appeal to their reason. Do you know anyone like that? I am not afraid to endorse her ministry. She has ran an exemplarary ministry for years. Should she be disqualified from widespread acceptance, which by the way she already has, just because she is a woman? She could preach and teach most men to shame. Why can’t many receive from women preachers? I am sorry, I am not joining the bandwagon of not receiving a rhema word from an individual just because that individual is a woman. Could God have once used an animal to speak a word of correction, and not be able to use a woman in this day to do the same?

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  1. God bless you Pastor. You are truly a man of God. It is unfortunate that theso called men of the cloth still condemn and persecute women in ministry. They really don’t understand that when they exhibit this kind of behavior that they are actually rejecting God, not the woman.

    Do they not believe that God is the Almighty and Powerful God; and that God can do anything that God chooses to do with whomever God chooses to do it with, whenever and whereever He chooses to act upon it. God does not need our approval nor does He need our permission. If we belive that then we can believe God can use women to do whatever God needs them to do.

    Rev. Dr. Jackie McCullough is a powerful anointed woman of God; and God has found favor in her obedience to Him and He has opened many doors for her. No man can stop her if God is for her.

    To dissassociate or to not acknowledge women as vessels of God is oppressive. Black men treat women of God like White people use to treat all of us. Some black clergy members now treat the black female clergy in that same disrespectful manner; as if they don’t exist as complete humans with feelings because they are women. And, the oppressed continues to oppress. They behave as the master behaved. That makes them appear to have power and authority over another human being.

    It remains a sad situation in many of our churches and in some entire denominations. These people do not really understand the power of God, yet they speak in tongues and lay on hands. Most of those men only have one place for a woman…any woman; and I think you know where that is. That’s why they refuse to see them as instruments of God.

    Pastor/Teacher Stephen F. Smith, Man of God, Servant of the Most High God: Continue to hold your head up and do not be ashamed of the insight and the knowledge that God has bestowed upon you. May the Blood of His precious Son, Jesus continue to cover, protect and anoint you in the light of His way and the wisdom of His Holy Spirit. This is my prayer upon your life and ministry and these are my comments.


    The Reverend Elizabeth E. Yates, M. Div., Senior Pastor
    Greater Tanner African Methodist Episcopal Church
    Quincy, FL.

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