Are You a Soldier in the Army?

Are you a soldier in the army of the Lord, or are you a reservist? How many saints of today are on active duty? We are in a real war. Are the saints prepared for battle or are we waiting for our tour of duty to end?

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  1. Dear sir/madam,
    I am samuel kankam ,a final year student of Great Arstech College in Ghana,and also by God”s Grace i have completed my world bible school correspondings and i was awarded a certificate of recognition and i thank the Lord for that .I heard about your ministry by a friend so it takes me a long period of time searching for your contact inbfromation on the internet and am very happy to get intouch with you now .please, i have decided to become a partnership of your ministries now,also i want you to send me some of your correspondings and invitations which will anable me to attend ministries activities or programs to my postal address,because, i promise to work for christ for the rest of my life and i hope by the annoitted that God has pour on your ministry and i hope you are goiong to help me to for fill my promises to God through your ministry. May God richlly bless you.Thank you .Here is my contact information bellow.
    Yours faithfull,

    samuel kankam,

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