What’s Your Opinion on Denominations?

What do you think of denominations?

6 Responses

  1. Well i personaly have been in a “black pentecostal holy church denomination” for over 40 years.
    and i have found that most are based on one thing. CONTROL. these Bishops and officals tend to love their control of the people. the people have even in some cases been so brain washed that they love and crave the control of their leaders.
    Denominations have to much “drama” the tiers of leadership and the power strugle in the church is pathetic. i know that in my denomination, i heard a presiding Elder say(the presiding elder is the same as a cogic superintendent)
    that if your pastor tells you somthing wrong ,you do it and God will bless you for being obedient………I however plan to be a indepentent ministry and just haver a good spriritual covering………. i really disagree with closing the church on sunday of the jurisdictional meetings. we did that and several times visitors came and no one was there. we tried closing the meetings out on saturday so folks could be home .and the older pastors and saints had such a problem with thats till they stopped it. SOME ONE NEEDS TO REFORM THE BLACK PENTECOSTAL HOLY DENOMINATIONAL CHURCH.

  2. if the question is in reference to doctrine; then i know that the church world is off when it comes to the original teach on the day of pentecost and what the early apostles taught….denomination refers to in one sense as to what is taught….the bible tell us to teach the same thing and walk by the same rules….as the early apostles continued stedfast in the apostle’s doctrine (apostolic) and in fellowship, having all things common…Acts 2:40-41….

  3. As long as they are serving a true and living GOD there is no problem with denomination but i have seen control sprited pastors some i would love to serve under some GOD needs to bring down( psalm 75:6&7

  4. What a good question. I have seen denominations help and hurt. As far as the hurt goes, I know it wasn’t the denomination but those who were using a denominational slant that caused separation in some of our churches. I think all that matters is the Gospel (Truth) is taught, but I believe that in some denominations, people teach what they were taught with out qualifying the information. God wants us (the universal church) to be more ecumenical in teaching the word of God, with out sacrificing the truth. I believe that there are those among us whom seek to corner the market on religion, this is why they push their denomination as though they are teaching something new. There is nothing new under the sun, all has been said and done before. I was raised Baptist, accepted my calling in Full Gospel, served in a non-denominational church, and am currently back with Baptist under a Pastor that teaches we are baptist because of our belief in: The Holy trinity, Jesus’s diety, and His death burial and resurrection. We believe in full submergence water baptism and the Baptism of The Holy Spirit. That is not all ( of course) but he has taught that we are not Baptist according to an archaic and antiquated tradition. I would have thought that this question would have gotten more responses being that there are those that believe we are all hell bound if we are not a certain denomination. I would also like to say I found your page recently and I am enjoying it immensely. My only wish is that I found it sooner.

  5. I’ just enjoy this sight . God Bless you my Brother.

  6. I am a baptist and love been one. I went to East Texas Baptist Unversity and i am a bible student. The greatest problem we have is finding the truth. Doctrine should be the same cause the bible is all the same but when money, greed, women and lustful men have there was then the truth is not the truth anymore and the flocks seperate, friend are not friend anymore and all kinds of craziness happen but in short Faith docrine from what ever church should be the same cause Jesus is preached. It these devilish preacher (male & female) the making us divide the sects to who has the truth and whose wrong. But were all wrong if we add and takeaway from the Word. let the facts be known when you believe in Christ and is born-again the your save from hell fire. because he’s coming back for the people in the church not the name, building or anything else. I love this web site.

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