A Chain or a Crown?

I was speaking with another preacher the other day and I was kidding with him that he would soon be wearing a gold chain, which would symbolize his ascent to the bishopric in our denomination. He then went on to tell me that he is not working on wearing a gold chain, but his focus was on one day wearing a crown. This stimulated me to think that it is totally amazing that some preachers aspire to reach man made benchmarks of success instead of God’s benchmark of success. We are living in a day when everyone has an armorbearer and some have adjutants, but the question of the hour is will some of the preachers who are seeking fame and fortune lead themselves and their armorbearers to Hell? Should we focus on the gold chain, the signet ring, the trappings of ecclesiastical success, or a title as much as we should focus on one day wearing a crown?

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  1. Any person who is ministering or being used by God should be inspired by The Word of God. Our hearts being sold out to Him is the greatest accomplishment. We would not constantly fall into strife, a heart of pride, selfishness, and etc. The greatest sin among Chirstains is selfishness. Why? Our major focus is not what Matthew 28:19 says. The main focus of God is winning souls to the kingdom.
    2 Corinthians 4:4, Lets us know that there are some who allow their minds to be blinded by the god of this world. Some Christians are caught up in being people pleasures, and fulfulling the pleasures of what they want. This causes them to recieve a false life of abundance. The sorrow and the despair to obtain and maintain something that they thought they were ready for. The lack of maturity, integerity, and security in what God created them to be, results in not enjoying what they have. The promises of God’s abundance for us can only be enjoyed by doing it his was. Jeremiah 29:11. Refer to my website that which already talks a little about this topic. Be blessed Pastor SMith

  2. Thanks for your timely post!

  3. Great Post!

  4. Great Question,

    Honestly, this is part of what has me so dismay with a lot of Bishops, Elders and so on the church period. Forget the article of clothing and focus on what’s most important. Winning souls for Christ and wearing the crown. It amazes me that back in the day, you hardly ever heard of Bishops unless they were the presiding one and a few others. I was too through when I learned a man who got his license on-line and now calls himself a preacher. Then there’s another one who calls himself a Bishop and has no church, not one member. Give me a break people. We need to stop it with all the look at me and what I got and call me this or that.

    There was a time when all that was on our minds was making it in the kingdom and hearing Jesus say well done. Now, many are satisfied hearing a Bishop, etc say well done. We better wake up and get real with this

  5. The title Bishop is used a lot now. The term Bishop simply means Overseer. One should have a good work to oversee before accepting the Title. Make sure that one walks in the calling as prescribed by the scriptures. How can one be a Bishop when they just started preaching? Maybe the church needs to find common ground, one also shouldn’t have to be 90 years old before being consecrated as a Bishop. One of the qualifications of a Bishop, is one shouldn’t be a novice.

  6. It’s not just the Ministers, Elders, etc. The entire body of Christ seems to now be concerned with styling & profiling – everybody wants to be seen, noticed & recognized. I must admit I am guilty myself. We seem to get so caught up in the world’s system of climbing that corporate ladder & being successful, that it has bled over into the kingdom corporation – where it shouldn’t be. A word from God is a word from God – it doesn’t or shouldn’t matter if it’s coming from a Bishop or the janitor, so why has the title become so important to us? Where did we lose it? No wonder hell is enlarging herself.

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