Is Holiness an Option in Today’s Church?

I was listening to a quote by Pastor Richard Henton of Chicago, Pastor Henton went on to say that in the days past that the Holiness Church was characterized by long dresses, no makeup, and storefront churches. He then said someting that I thought was very powerful he then stated that for a church to even be a church at all, a church must be Holy. Yes, your church regardless of your denomination, your reformation, your fellowship, or your affiliation should be a Holiness Church. The church of today has nearly abandoned teachings on holiness, the set apart lifestyle, and Godly living for the doctrines of prosperity, positive thinking, and God is going to bless you in seven days! Holiness is one of the tenets of the faith, and without holiness none of us will see our Holy God. Holiness is not a denomination. Holiness is not an option. Holiness is a lifestyle that we all should become more acquainted with as believers. Is Holiness taught from our pulpits as readily as sermons bearing the title of the hottest new rap song? Is Holiness preached with as great a vigor from our pulpits as the latest Harvard Business Course? Our preachers are slowly becoming motivational speakers instead of Holiness preachers in the church of today. When’s the last time you heard a good sermon about the wages of sin at a conference, convocation, or revival. We are going to church to get what we can get. We might as well bring in the Rapper Rick Ross to sing his Every Day I’m Hustling! Most of our churches are getting their hustle on. We are all rushing to get the latest book or tape series that will explain how we should usher in our new wealth. What happened to the days when we went to church to learn how to live Holy? It is never popular to bring a word like this, nor is it popular to be a person that calls for reform in today’s church. Yet I am finally content that this is the mission that God has for me. Any Godly preacher must value being prophetic more than being popular, and also must value being prophetically correct more than politically correct! Is Holiness an Option in your church?

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.